Das Sterben nach der Impfung

Death after vaccination

According to official reports, deaths after vaccinations against coroona is pure coincidence and has nothing to do with vaccination.

Reports of deaths following corona vaccinations, often in nursing homes or institutions for the sick and disabled overwhelmingly resembles the well-known dystopian novel "Fahrenheit 451". Here the fire department does not come out to put out fires, but to burn books or set fire to the houses of government critics. In our case, the police and the prosecutor's office came due to deaths following corona vaccinations and explained to the amazed public that the deaths had nothing to do with vaccination, were pure coincidence, despite their close temporal relationship, and overall: “Nothing to watch, go ahead! Don't bet resistance against state power! ”. According to numerous media reports, these deaths are then counted as "corona deaths."”.

According to a preliminary assessment based on data from the Robert Koch Institute on the deaths of 80-year-olds and older, more people died in Germany in the first two months of 2021 than in the entire 2020 (1-3).

This is equivalent to six times the death rate during an ongoing vaccination campaign. In 51 poviats the death rate is over four times higher, in 22 poviats it is even more than six times higher. This is equivalent to at least 24 or 36 times the death rate during the current senior vaccination campaign.

Below is a brief overview of reports of deaths following corona vaccinations, mostly from local newspapers and sometimes from abroad. This is not a complete overview. From the events described in these nursing homes, it can be concluded with a probability bordering on certainty that, unfortunately, it is not otherwise in others

The cited deaths occurred relatively quickly after vaccination. The medium- and long-term deaths, which are feared by experts and which subsequently occur regardless of the victim's age, gender, general health, or physical condition, are not included here or cannot be included at all (4-10). It should also be noted that, according to Ärzteblatt, most seniors are still isolated despite vaccinations (11-13). Many current media reports no longer indicate that the dead were vaccinated.

Fact-Checking (Faktencheck): Have there been deaths due to COVID-19 vaccinations? (14). "So far in Germany there is no known case where a person died from corona vaccines."

Death after corona vaccination: no autopsy in the district of Cloppenburg (15, 16).

„Six seniors died despite being fully vaccinated. County authorities do not consider the autopsy justified. According to the Ministry of Health, death certificates are not conspicuous. (...) According to Beumker, seniors had "full protection against vaccinations". The fact that they died anyway is explained by the fact that the people were old and seriously ill. Therefore, the relatively mild course of Covid-19 can also lead to death. “

Coronavirus outbreak in a retirement home in Dortmund (17). After the outbreak of the corona: 19 deaths in AWO nursing home in Dortmund (18)

„Despite vaccinations, there was a massive corona epidemic at the AWO retirement home in Kirchlinde. 53 residents and 12 nurses tested positive for the virus, a spokeswoman said when asked by Radio 91.2. It was not until the beginning of January that a nursing home was vaccinated. (...) After the outbreak of the coronavirus, 19 residents died in the AWO nursing home in Dortmund-Kirchlinde. In total, a little over 100 cases of coronavirus have occurred in the nursing home since mid-January, AWO spokeswoman said. However, currently only two residents tested positive. “

Grandma died after vaccination. The woman accuses:

„They just injected our grandparents to kill them! ”(19). "Malaya's tweet:" My grandmother was vaccinated on Tuesday. What she didn't know because she had dementia. She died on Thursday ... This was the case with almost all of the house. Can you see it ??? They just injected our grandparents with death ... ' “

The attorney general of Stuttgart wants to prevent an autopsy after vaccinations (20).

„2020News received a letter from the Stuttgart Public Prosecutor's Office of February 10, 2021 to the medical examiner. Stuttgart's Attorney General Achim Brauneisen categorically rejects the general autopsy of people who died shortly after corona vaccination, mainly because `` there are no tangible references to a possible causal link between vaccination and the onset of death of elderly people in reliable sources. 'Relevant up-to-date information cannot be found on the RKI home page or the Paul Ehrlich Institute home page.'“

Coronavirus outbreak in a care facility (21, 22).

„Corona now also has full control of the Lützeln Christian Retirement Homes. So far, 56 residents and 25 employees have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Currently, seven residents have died. (…) On January 6, the first vaccinations were carried out as planned. "Until then, Corona wasn't in this house," says managing director Jochen Loos. “

Nursing home drama in Leipzig: 16 coroner deaths since mid-January (23, 24).

„Of the 70 residents of the municipal care home Am Auenwald in Südvorstadt, 16 people have died from Covid-19 in the last four weeks. They had only received a corona vaccination a few days earlier. (...) On January 14, the residents of the house received their first vaccine against Sars-Cov 2. "On that day, 45 infected residents were vaccinated," said Eckner. So far, 16 people have died. Every third vaccinated person did not survive the infection.

36-year-old doctor dies in USA after corona vaccination: autopsy should investigate cause of death (25).

„In Memphis, a 36-year-old doctor died of an inflammatory syndrome after being vaccinated against COVID-19. An autopsy should explain the cause of death. Doctors suspect that an undetected COVID-19 infection has caused a delayed inflammatory response. “

POL-BO: Death of a man (32) Not related to vaccination - joint press release of the prosecutor's office from Bochum and the police in Bochum (26).

„The 32-year-old from Bochum who had been vaccinated against Corona the day before died on Saturday 13 February. Subsequently, the prosecutor in Bochum organized an autopsy. This was carried out today and the prosecution concluded that the Bochum resident died a natural death. Vaccination, which took place shortly before, had no effect on death. “

Is death a champion from Germany again? (27).

„The health status of the residents is not examined prior to partially compulsory vaccination. Previously healthy older adults' health deteriorates rapidly after vaccination. There is panting, fever, swelling, rash, yellowish-gray discoloration of the skin, and tremors in the upper body and arms. Residents who tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 prior to vaccination suddenly have positive results afterwards. Soon the first vaccinated people die. Despite the lawyers' request, the police and the public prosecutor's office in Berlin are not working.“

Deaths following corona vaccination: prosecutor is investigating (28).

„Two of the deceased died from severe pneumonia a few days after vaccination, and one patient had a cerebral haemorrhage. All three apparently had previous serious illnesses. This in turn requires a serious benefit-risk assessment when vaccinating people with serious comorbidities. According to the report of prof. Markus Rothschild, director of forensics in Cologne, did not want to completely rule out the link between the deaths of three people and the vaccine he had received earlier. “

Further corona tests after death at the Emsteker nursing home (29).

„Following the death of five seniors at the Emstek care facility, all residents and employees are to be re-tested for the presence of the corona virus. 13 other people in the house are already infected. As reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony, five residents died in a short time with severe corona symptoms after having already received their first and second vaccines. “

An informant from a retirement home in Berlin: A horrible death after vaccination (30).

„Within four weeks of first immunization with BioNTech / Pfizer Comirnaty, eight of the 31 seniors who suffered from dementia but were in good physical condition for their pre-vaccination age died. The first death occurred six days later, and five other seniors died approximately 14 days after vaccination. The first symptoms of the disease appeared shortly after vaccination. “

Three deaths after vaccinations in Cologne: the prosecutor orders autopsies (31).

„In such cases, people allegedly died from severe pneumonia, and another person from cerebral hemorrhage. According to prof. Dr hab. Markus Rothschild, director of forensics in Cologne, is said to deal with "gravely ill people" in three cases, as is already known from previous cases. According to Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the forensic doctor further demanded that deaths following a positive SARS-CoV-2 test, as well as in connection with vaccination, be systematically autopsied: so far there have been no vaccine deaths, even deaths that are close to related to the coronavirus. ' “

KIRCHHUNDEM, 7 people in nursing home 1 die after Covid vaccination (32, 33) “5 deaths after 2nd vaccination / 2 after 1st vaccination. A total of 24 people were infected with COVID / TP following Covid vaccination. ”

Five residents have died: coronavirus outbreak despite high vaccination acceptance at the Mühldorf retirement home (34).

„There has been a major outbreak of coronavirus in the Sonnengarten nursing home: 26 residents positive and ten nurses, five infected people died.“

The drama because of the corona. Five dead in a retirement home in Bonn - the mystery of the path of infection (35).

„In the past two weeks, a total of 16 employees and 49 residents tested positive for the virus. During this time, five inhabitants (...) 101 inhabitants were killed and 76 workers were vaccinated against Corona on January 11, the second vaccination was to take place on Monday, February 1.“

Coronavirus outbreak in St. Francis: 3 deaths and many infections (36).

„"Despite the positive corona cases, the second vaccination at the facility could be carried out as planned yesterday, Sunday," says network manager Sebastian Füst. “

Panorama and the dead after vaccination: scruffy, cheating, covering up (37).

„Based on calculations by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the ARD Panorama broadcast answered the question of whether corona vaccination led to deaths: no. Even the PEI calculations are questionable. Panorama also compares the wrong numbers and changes the show's video with an incomplete disclosure. According to the responsible and widely quoted in the panorama aired on Thursday, February 11, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, 113 people died within the time window of 18 days after corona vaccination.“

The scandal now has a specific number: mRNA vaccinations are 40 times more dangerous than flu vaccinations (38).

„This is shown by official figures from Great Britain and the WHO. The authorities still don't want to see any connection. (...) “The death is not related to the vaccination” - as of today, such assurances may no longer be believed under any circumstances. In the UK, no less than 244 of the nearly ten million vaccinated people died shortly thereafter, including eight miscarriages (end-January). The number comes from the UK Government's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority and is official, so it's definitely not an exaggeration. “

The 89-year-old dies after corona vaccination in Göttingen (39).

„The 89-year-old man fell on his way home after being vaccinated against the coronavirus in Göttingen and died shortly thereafter. The city announced it on Sunday. As police said on Sunday afternoon, the medical examiners found no causal link between the vaccination and the man's death. The cause of death was diagnosed as an earlier disease, which was unknown before autopsy. “

Death after corona vaccination: The institute sees no connection (40).

„The death of a 90-year-old in Weyhe (Diepholz district) has nothing to do with the previous corona vaccination. The Paul Ehrlich Institute has confirmed a similar forensic result. “

In Sweden, elderly people also die after vaccinations (41).

„Four elderly people died in my area after the first vaccination; after the second dose, five patients were admitted to hospital and died there. All of them entered the statistics as deaths from COVID-19. Some patients refused to have a second vaccine without opening the front door. (...) In my nursing service, we looked after 56 patients. Nine died between December 28, 2020 and February 12, 2021. It's so sad.“

113 people died after vaccinations. Nevertheless, experts cancel the alarm (42, 43).

„So far, 113 people in Germany have died after corona vaccinations - but the researchers explain that there is no indication of a link to the vaccination. In their fifth safety report, researchers at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) meticulously cite the deaths and mortality rates associated with vaccination against Covid-19.“

Lucerne Public Prosecutor Dismisses Complaint For Murder Neglect In A Vaccine Incident (44).

„Perhaps you remember: On December 29, the first death occurred after mRNA vaccination against the corona in Switzerland. A 91-year-old man with dementia was vaccinated on Christmas Eve and died five days later, according to official information, from his previous illnesses.“

Andalusia: Vaccination suspended after 46 deaths (45).

„Sevilla.abc.es reports Feb. 4: 'Outbreak at Los Barrios mansion causes 46 deaths from coronavirus. The Andalusian government intervened in the center and suspended the second dose of the vaccine. ' “

The second vaccination would be given on Wednesday. The former mayor of MK dies shortly after the first vaccination (46).

„In this photo, Wilhelm Koch symbolized the hope for the end of the corona pandemic as he was the first to be vaccinated at the Radprax center in Plettenberg. Nine days later, the 97-year-old died from Covid 19 disease, Märkische Kreis confirmed. His death raises questions. For example this: Did vaccination affect Wilhelm Koch's death on January 22?“

69 people died only "with vaccination" (47, 48).

„69 people died after vaccination - said the head of PEJ Cichutek on #BPK. However, these were people with serious underlying diseases. There are no signs of a link to vaccinations. So different from COVID-19 deaths from underlying diseases. “

Citizens are demanding information on deaths following vaccinations (49).

„It is unclear whether 30 residents and 10 workers tested positive since the beginning of the year, or 33 and 7. Since the beginning of the year, twelve deaths at the Uhldingen-Mühlhofen senior housing estate have been reported to the health department. An investigation into the thirteenth death is currently underway. As Robert Schwarz explains, all deceased tested positive for Covid-19 when they were alive. The ten deceased received their first corona vaccination on December 31. The district office doesn't know if people ultimately died with the corona or because of it. This seems to indicate that, against all recommendations, older people who tested positive were vaccinated.“

Investigator: The guardian did not die as a result of corona vaccination (50).

„In the Uelzen district, a nursing home worker died shortly after corona vaccination. On Monday, the prosecutor's office said the autopsy had ruled out a link to vaccination in the cause of death. (...) The prosecutor in Lüneburg may rule out that the vaccination against the coronavirus led to the death of a 42-year-old nurse in Uelzen. "The cause of death is clear, and it is clear from the autopsy results that it has nothing to do with vaccination," Wiebke spokeswoman Bethke said on Monday. “

The baseball legend survived two weeks after being vaccinated (51).

„Hank Aaron's baseball icon is dead. He died on Friday at the age of 86. There is no reason to believe that he died as a result of the vaccination. However, the case raises doubts about vaccination in this age group. Media shows on the occasion of his vaccination on 6.1. There is no mention of Aaron's death in the reports. “

Ravenna, sudden illness. A pharmacist, mother of four, dies (52).

„At least the evidence of death after vaccination is original, which was posted on corriereromagna.it on January 22nd. you can read under that title. “The sudden illness caught Gabriela Godoy, a very respected pharmacist who worked in Porto Corsini for several years. In the pharmacy, she fell ill last Friday and was taken to the hospital in Cesena, where she unfortunately died on Wednesday, despite attempts to save her by the sanitary authorities. Her death appears to have been caused by a stroke; her family arranged for the donation of her organs. Last Thursday she received a Covid vaccine under a pharmacist protection program. The mere fact that organs were removed and an autopsy was not deemed necessary precludes a link between death and administration of the vaccine. ' “

Infected Before Corona Vaccination? Eleven deaths and seven acute infections in a nursing home in Uhldingen-Mühlhofen (53).

„The residents of the Uhldingen-Mühlhofen seniors' estate were the first people in the Lake Constance region to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Eleven residents have since died from or from Covid-19. Authorities say they were likely infected with a virus not detected at the time of vaccination or the infection occurred shortly thereafter.“

Corona in NRW: More vaccinations possible than planned! "Overdue proofreading" ++ Laschet speaks plain language for schools and kindergartens (54, 55).

„After the corona blast in the Leverkusen seniors center, 15 residents were killed there. (...) On the eve of New Year's Eve, 150 people were vaccinated in the facility for seniors. On January 20, 110 people received a second dose of the vaccine, 40 could not be vaccinated due to infection. “

Greece: a person dies just 8 minutes after corona vaccination (56, 57).

„Greek television reports that the man died just eight minutes after being vaccinated against Corona. But according to official information, this is a coincidence, not a vaccination. “

Seniors who have already beaten COVID-19 are dying after taking the vaccine (58).

„Eight seniors in two US states died shortly after being vaccinated with COVID-19, according to the vaccine adverse event reporting system.“

Corona-mutando 11: eyewitness report: terrible death after vaccination (59).

„Seniors also showed a personality change, sometimes unresponsive and refusing to eat and drink. An vaccinated elderly woman who was previously "fit" according to her age and had no previous serious illnesses died on January 9, 2021, just six days after vaccination. Deaths of vaccinated seniors occurred on January 15, January 16, January 19 (2 deaths), January 20, February 2, and February 8, 2021.

The most recently deceased senior was a former opera singer who played the piano the day before vaccination. The informant reports on his health that the old man regularly jogged, danced, played music, and was very dynamic and active. Of the seniors who tested negative before vaccination, several of them tested positive suddenly after vaccination. However, none of these seniors showed any of the known symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. cold symptoms like cough, runny nose, loss of smell and taste etc.“

Died because of the vaccination or with the vaccination? (60, 61).

„Three people died in Iceland after receiving the corona vaccine, the director of the Icelandic Medicines Agency Runa Hauksdottir Hvannberg confirmed on the mbl.is website. She stressed that "there is no evidence of a causal link between deaths and vaccinations". "The people who died were chronically ill and old."“

Died because of the vaccination or with the vaccination? (60, 62).

„75-year-old passed out at home after vaccination, diagnosis: heart failure. In this respect, it was heavily loaded. The 88-year-old also lost consciousness at home and died in hospital. According to the doctors, he had serious illnesses that had not been told in detail. “

Died because of the vaccination or with the vaccination? (60, 63).

„'Based on our data, we assume that patients died from the underlying disease - accidentally unrelated to vaccination,' said Brigitte Keller-Stanisławski, head of department responsible for the safety of drugs and medical devices. For data protection reasons, she could not say anything about the individual cases, "but they are very seriously ill patients with many underlying diseases". “

Died because of the vaccination or with the vaccination? (60, 64).

„As the Diepholz district announced on Saturday, the Verden prosecution announced the result of an autopsy on an elderly woman who died in a Weyhe retirement home shortly after being vaccinated against Covid-19. According to forensic medicine, no link could be established between corona vaccination and the death of a 90-year-old woman. “

Died because of the vaccination or with the vaccination? (60, 65).

„One patient with known hypertension and diabetes died of pulmonary embolism and cardiac arrest; the cause of death for the remaining patients is unclear. All patients had a history of serious medical conditions such as cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer's dementia, encephalopathy, which were possibly the cause of death, but further information in individual cases is still pending. “

Norway: The number of deaths following corona vaccination increases from 23 to 29 (66).

„Bloomberg reports that in Norway the number of deaths after corona vaccination has increased from 23 to 29 people. All reported deaths are "elderly people with serious underlying disorders ... For those with the most severe weakness, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences," according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency. So far, 42,000 people have been vaccinated in Norway.“

Another vaccine victim? The Belgian dies five days after receiving the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine (67).

„Five days after vaccination, the elderly Belgian died of health problems. The health authority opened an investigation. Seven vaccinated people from the same risk group also died in Germany. The cause is referred to as the "underlying disease". “

He was in great shape! Man (56) Died after corona vaccination: now the widow wants to shake off (68).

„Gregory Michael (56) was an obstetrician at a hospital in Miami Beach, Florida (USA). As a staunch supporter of corona vaccinations, he accepted the preparation from Pfizer on December 18. But nothing came of the expected immunity. Three weeks later, Michael is dead due to a violent reaction to the vaccine. “

Authorities confirm death after corona vaccination (69).

„The Swiss news portal "zeitpunkt.ch" was the first to inform about the case. This has to do with the fact that corona vaccination was started in a nursing home in the Canton of Lucerne on Christmas Eve in the demented housing group. "The immunization team did not contact the responsible GP, otherwise they would have learned that one of the residents had reacted negatively to a previous flu vaccination and therefore did not receive any further vaccinations," the report reads.“

Corona: Two of the dead were autopsied (70).

„'93 - and a 99-year-old resident died yesterday evening at St. Mauritius in Hattingen. Like many other residents of the house, they were vaccinated against the corona in the morning. This relatively close chronological sequence was the reason why the death records marked "unexplained death". As always in such cases, the police initiate a death investigation to obtain information about the type of death. The proceedings are conducted by the public prosecutor's office in Essen. ' “

Corona vaccination: autopsy results are available (71).

„'We could not find any evidence of any vaccination errors. This means that no physician involved or any of the medical assistants acted inappropriately and thus contributed to the deaths of both women, '' said a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office in Essen (...). the question of whether vaccination itself could be dangerous. “

240 Israelis diagnosed with COVID following vaccination stress the need for vigilance (72).

„In Israel, according to public radio Kan, there were four deaths of people shortly after vaccination, but three out of four were not recognized as a cause of death by the Ministry of Health, as well as family members and doctors. The fourth case of an 88-year-old man who already had serious health problems is currently being investigated. “

Vaccinations: the number of cases with 'side effects' has tripled in one week (73).

„'In 21 cases, the vaccinated person died at various times linked to vaccination.'“

„Miesbach County: Seven Dead in Nursing Home - Vaccination came too late“ (74).

„On January 19, on rosenheim24.de we read: “Coronavirus vaccination came too late for many residents of a nursing home in the Miesbach district, according to the county authorities. In a center for seniors, 41 people tested positive for the presence of the corona virus, of which 34 were vaccinated. Seven vaccinated residents and one more have died since then - the district office informed on Tuesday. 24 employees are also sick.“

Six cases with serious side effects and one death this week in France (75, 76).

„The ANSM was informed of the death of an EHPAD (French abbreviation for nursing home, AA) resident who was vaccinated against Covid-19 with Comirnata vaccine on January 13. No direct adverse effects have been observed after vaccination. Death occurred approximately two hours after vaccination. The patient showed no physical signs of an allergic reaction. Based on these elements, the medical history, and intensive treatment of the person, there is no evidence that this death was related to vaccination. “

Investigation in France. Five unexplained deaths following vaccination (77).

„In France, five people died a few days after corona vaccination. The authorities launched an investigation to clarify a possible link. For those who are against vaccination, the result is already clear.“

Corona 298: deaths due to vaccination with Pfizer BioNTech in Germany are increasing (78).

„Shocking news from Bavaria: As the Miesbach district office announced yesterday, there were major corona outbreaks at two senior citizens' centers shortly after mass vaccinations. Seven of the vaccinated residents died in the nursing home, and one of the unvaccinated died. There was still no death in the second retirement home. The vaccine used comes from BioNTech / Pfizer. “

Norway: 33 vaccine deaths are not cause for concern (79).

„Norwegian health officials have tried to allay fears about the deaths of some elderly patients after immunization against Covid-19, saying there is no evidence of a direct link.“

Corona 294: after 23 deaths from PFIZER-BioNTech vaccination in Norway alone, China calls for withdrawal of consent (80).

„Pfizer BioNTech's death toll in Norway increased to midnight 1/19/20/01. to 33. There is still no government comment on the 10 fatalities that have become known so far in Germany. There is a reason why former PFIZER vice president and principal investigator Dr. Michael Yeadon along with Dr. Wodarg warned against this vaccine, which was quickly discarded. The "evaporation" of development time from 4 to 5 years to less than a year, promoted by Bill Gates, is also likely to result in a large number of deaths in German retirement homes and nursing homes. “

Two people who die after vaccination are post-mortems (81, 82).

„The entire process is described via ruhrkanal.de on January 14. is perverse: "In the St. Mauritius in Hattingen died yesterday evening 93- and 99-year-old resident. Like many other residents of the house, they were vaccinated against the corona in the morning. (...) Regarding the previous health condition of the deceased, it is said from the building of the Schwelm district: One resident was under palliative care, the other had various diseases. (...) Regardless of this, residents and workers of retirement homes and nursing homes in the Ennepe-Ruhr district will continue to be vaccinated for the next few days. “On the one hand, it is necessary for their protection. On the other hand, based on all the knowledge and opinions available, there is no doubt about the vaccine, ”emphasizes Schäfer. ' “

Vaccinated to death: Norway revises vaccination recommendations (83).

„In the first of the weekly corona vaccination reports that are now regular, 29 reports of side effects were assessed. These included 13 deaths, 9 severe side effects and 7 less serious side effects. In addition, Legemiddelverket (the Norwegian Medicines Agency) continues to investigate 10 other deaths. All deaths occurred in vulnerable patients in nursing homes. They were all over 80, some over 90. According to authorities, there may be a link to vaccination.“

Corona vaccination. Unclear death (84, 85).

„Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old Miami Beach gynecologist, is dead and a Florida doctor has died of a cerebral hemorrhage, his wife announced. The fatal event was caused by a rare coagulation disorder, immune thrombocytopenia. Michael was vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine on December 18 and died 16 days later, as already reported. Health officials are currently investigating whether the death could be related to vaccination. This would be the first fatal complication after receiving a newly developed vaccine.“

Possibly "by accident": Ten seriously ill people die shortly after vaccination (86).

„The Paul Ehrlich Institute has so far investigated ten deaths shortly after corona vaccination - a link is unlikely, however, according to experts. In these cases, seriously ill people died within four days of vaccination, the federal institute responsible for vaccines and biomedical drugs in Langen, Hesse, said.“

Context unclear. The 89-year-old dies about an hour after corona vaccination (87).

„Death occurred in the district of Diepholz shortly after corona vaccination on Wednesday. An 89-year-old woman from a nursing home "Haus am Richtweg" in Weyhe died about an hour after receiving her first vaccination. It is currently investigating whether there is a link between vaccination and the death of an elderly woman, said County Administrator Cord Bockhop.“

Portuguese nurse dies after vaccination (88, 89).

„Sonia Acevedo, 41, a Portuguese nurse, died two days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer. She died "sudden death" at home on New Years Eve, 48 hours after vaccination. An autopsy will be carried out in the next few hours, reports the Daily Mail.“

Second death after vaccination in Israel (90).

„The 88-year-old man died on Tuesday in a hospital in Jerusalem, hours after receiving the coronavirus vaccine; Doctors in the statement stressed that the patient had previously had serious health problems. The man received the first dose of the vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech that afternoon as part of Israel's mass vaccination program. He later collapsed at home. “

Further corona tests after death at the Emsteker nursing home (91).

„As reported by NDR 1 Lower Saxony, five residents died in a short time with severe corona symptoms after having already received their first and second vaccines.“

The 89-year-old dies after corona vaccination in Göttingen (92).

„The 89-year-old man fell on his way home after being vaccinated against the coronavirus in Göttingen and died shortly thereafter. The city announced it on Sunday. The medical examiners found no causal link between the vaccination and the man's death, police said on Sunday afternoon. (...) By the end of January, PEI had investigated 69 cases in which people had died between one hour and 18 days after corona vaccination. The relationship between deaths and vaccinations has not been established. A similar case took place in Weyhe (Diepholz district) in late January. “

Death after corona vaccination: The institute sees no connection (93).

„The death of a 90-year-old in Weyhe (Diepholz district) has nothing to do with the previous corona vaccination. The Paul Ehrlich Institute has confirmed a similar forensic result. (...) A 90-year-old resident of a nursing home died on January 13, about an hour after vaccination. The mobile immunization team had previously given her the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine. The woman was judged to be generally fit, called relatives after vaccination and was in good shape.“

Corona outbreaks repeatedly in retirement homes and nursing homes (94).

„A message on ndr.de on 6 January contradicts any link to vaccination. In Mecklenburg-Pomerania from December 27, after vaccination, "In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, numerous new corona infections continue to appear in retirement homes and nursing homes." (...) Since the start of research in early October last year, 63 retirement homes and nursing homes Covid-19 disease was registered, involving a total of 1,249 infected people, 370 of whom were employees, and 82 died.“

Every fourth senior died despite vaccinations How did Corona get into this home? (95).

„16 people died in the "Am Auenwald" nursing home, every fourth resident died due to the corona or disease. And that's just a few days after vaccinating seniors. The outbreak began in mid-January, four days after Johanniter's team vaccinated the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine at home. Of the 70 inhabitants, 46 (and 21 employees) were infected.“

16 deaths in the coronavirus outbreak in Liebertwolkwitz: "We don't know how the virus got into the home" (96).

„After the corona outbreak at the nursing home in Südvorstadt in Leipzig, the case at the Liebertwolkwitz senior citizen center is also known. 16 people died at the "Vierseithof", including a worker who survived a corona infection last year.“

Despite vaccinations: 15 died in a nursing home (97).

„The outbreak at the retirement home in Leverkusen is intense. According to a spokeswoman for the city, a total of 47 seniors and 25 employees were infected. Fifteen residents have died since the first case on December 28, 2020. (...) On December 30, the first 150 people in the care facility were vaccinated. The second dose of the vaccine on January 20, 2021 could only receive 110 people, as the remaining 40 were already infected with SARS-CoV-2“

Corona in Mannheim: vaccine available now - woman was first vaccinated (98), pandemic - coronavirus cases in retirement and nursing homes rise from 13 to 14 (99).

„December 28 update, 7:30 am: Coronavirus vaccination began in Mannheim on Sunday with `` mobile vaccination teams ''. The first person to be vaccinated was an inhabitant of Theodor Fliedner's house. (...) The second deceased resident with a positive test result. Further infection at Theodor Fliedner's home. “

Vaccination disaster at a nursing home in Berlin? (100).

„Eight seniors reportedly died in a nursing home in Berlin after being vaccinated against the corona virus. The facility admits up to six deaths but gives other reasons.“

Corona in Bochum: a person dies after vaccination - why is the cause of death not given? (101).

„Young man (32) from Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, dies after being vaccinated against Corona. (...) Of course, one could think of the corona virus and the corona vaccination associated with it. In the case of the 32-year-old, however, an autopsy gave quick answers - death had nothing to do with vaccination, the man suffered from another disease. “

Coronavirus outbreak. Nursing Home: Ten Küps corona Deaths (102), Post Vaccination: Corona Infection at Küps Nursing Home (103).

„No other facility in the Kronach district has been as bad as the Sonnen-Blick Nursing Home. Rescue was at hand. (...) Most of the residents and employees of the Sonnen-Blick Nursing Home who tested positive have already received the first vaccine. Why, anyway, seven days later a new wave of infections?“

Coronavirus outbreak in nursing home - among vaccinated people (104).

„The 87-year-old died from Covid-19. She and the other villagers had already received the first of two doses of the vaccine.“

IIngolstadt: Chronicle of "unexplained" deaths (105).

„Reader Katharina has collected 53 publications on vaccine deaths in Ingolstadt. (...) Ingolstadt (Bavaria): One-third of all Covid-19 deaths since vaccination began, 12 positive cases in one home with a second vaccination, 22 deaths with unclear vaccination status in another, many reports and few responses. The following chronicle of events after vaccination began in Ingolstadt, especially in the local Heilig-Geist-Spital and Anna-Ponschab-Haus, is based on reports from the city, clinic and online press. There were a lot of them compared to reports of similar events elsewhere. “

Corona vaccination: "The vaccine must not be the cause of death" (106).

„Post-vaccination incidents in Hattingen and Hagen: two deaths, many newly infected. This is what the head of the vaccination center Siegen explains.“

15 people died in Leverkusen Corona An epidemic in a retirement home - workers are carrying the virus (107).

„On the eve of New Year's Eve, 150 people were vaccinated in the facility for seniors.“

Corona outbreaks in nursing homes: Seven residents die despite immunization - the course leaves a mystery to doctors (108).

„Miesbach / Starnberg - Although many seniors have already been vaccinated against Corona in Bavarian nursing homes, severe epidemics still persist in some centers. In a seniors residence in Miesbach County, 41 people tested positive for the virus, 34 of them were vaccinated. Seven vaccinated residents and one other unvaccinated senior died from Covid-19“

19 people died after a corona outbreak at the Markt Schwaben nursing home (109).

„According to the County Office, the nursing home in Markt Schwaben has a total of 89 places for residents. Due to an infection in early January, the first vaccination against the coronavirus was only carried out about a week ago.“

Despite the first corona vaccination: two seniors died in a nursing home in Dessau (110).

„Two residents, who had already been vaccinated, died after the corona eruption at a nursing home in Dessau. They were probably infected with the corona virus after the first vaccination.“

Corona in the outbreak of the Leverkusen epidemic after vaccination in Rheindorfer Heim (111), twelve killed in a retirement home in Leverkusen-Rheindorf (112).

„The news is surprising only at first glance. Despite the initial vaccination, 26 residents and ten carers at the Arbeiterwohlfahrt nursing home in Rheindorf were infected with the corona virus. (…) Leverkusen. Since the Corona outbreak in the Awo nursing home in Rheindorf in mid-January, twelve of the 34 inhabitants have died. “

Covid-19 kills a quarter of the house's inhabitants (113).

„Four days before the outbreak, the residents of the house received their first vaccine - too late. Soon after the first vaccination, the virus explodes in the facility and kills a quarter of the home's inhabitants. “

Pandemic. Despite vaccinations: coronavirus outbreak in retirement home (114).

„In a nursing home in Rodenbach, twelve people have a corona. They had been vaccinated before. Main-Kinzig-Kreis - The Main-Kinzig-Kreis County Health Department reported 58 laboratory-confirmed new SarsCoV-2 infections and two more deaths from Langenselbold and Rodenbach on Monday. “

The number of injuries reported to the CDC following COVID vaccinations is increasing by nearly 4,000 in a week (115).

„Between December 14, 2020 and February 18, 2021, VAERS received 19,907 adverse event reports, including 1,095 deaths and 3,767 serious injuries. About one-third of reported deaths occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, and 48% of those who died became ill within 48 hours of vaccination. (…) For comparison: during the same period, December 14, 2020, and February 18, 2021, VAERS received reports of 83 deaths following influenza vaccinations. “

Coronavirus outbreak at nursing home in Amersfoort, residents recently received their first vaccine (116).

„The Sint Elisabeth nursing home and boarding house in Amersfoort is struggling with a large corona epidemic. 70 out of 106 inhabitants tested positive. Two of them have already died.“

Corona in Bochum. The vaccinated one died of natural causes (117).

„For the first time in four months, the incidence in Bochum is below 50. But there is also negative news. The death toll is increasing.“

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