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Marek Wojcik - CV

Personal data

Name:Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Marek Wojcik
Marital status:married
Children:Two grownup sons


Zürich Versicherung AG
1.2014 - 3.2014
Software developement
• Design, construction and development of WCF Services for Mobile Applications. Several services for data providing. Calculation of coordinates (Lambert, UTM, WGS84, Gauss-Krüger).
• environment: Windows 7, IIS, Android, C#, Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.5, WCF, ASP .NET, Java, GeoData
• Method of modell: SCRUM

The Optimal Photo e.U.
6.2013 - 11.2015
Projectleader, software development
• Design, construction and development of a program for administrators and moderators of the website optiphot.com. The program supplies actual live statistical informations regarding behavior of customers, starts alarms and enables rapid response to events.
• Environment: Linux Apache Server, Windows Client, Android Client. C#, Visual Studio 2012, Xamarin, Java Eclipse, PHP.

A1-Telekom AG
6.2009 - 2.2013, 9.2015 -
Software developement
• Project - Wholesale Billing System
• Design, development and service of the complex Frontend application (TWIST). Billing of Voice and Nonvoice products. Workflow, Invoice- and invoice development, agreements and administration. Analysis, development and software implementations. Data base enquiries, finally adjustment and implementation of the A1 software after the merger with A1.
• Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, Visual Basic .NET, ASP .NET, PHP, Perl

BlackBetty Mobilmedia GmbH.
6.2005 - 5.2009
Projectleader, software development
• Project Small Screen Publishing
• Design, development and test of a Bookreader Application for all mobil phones. Webapplication for administration of publications, books and multimedia.
New development of the Bookreader application, tools for administration of invoice, sale and generation of Mobilebooks. Development of tools for publications.
• Environment: Java, PHP, Perl, C#, Visual Basic .NET

Siemens PSE.
6.2004 - 5.2005
Build-management, software development
• Project Webasto heater
• Hard- and software development of heaters for cars. Implementation of customer's requirements. Build-management, release development, test and regression test.
• Environment: Assembler, C, C++ and build management tool. Operating system OSEK.

ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH.
4.2003 - 7.2003
Software developement
• Project Intelligent Antennas
• Hard- and Software development. Intelligent Antennas provides a very exact location of mobile phones.
Design, software development and test. Phase shift determination when receiving of 3 or more HLRs
• Environment: C++ and Assembler. Operating system Linux.

Scientific Games.
9.2001 - 11.2002
Software developement
• Project: winning games
• several software supplements and new implementations for online lottery and gambling.
• Design, software development and test.
• Environment: Pascal, Oracle SQL Plus, VMS

Ludwig Boltzman Institut
3.1999 - 10.2003
Software developement
• Project View Research Analysis
• The program generates in one film on the basis of two synchronously recorded films (pupillary and visual recording of the driver) a crosshair in the viewed movie - at that point where the driver is actually looking at.
• Design, software development and test. Application of correlation of the second degree.
• Environment: Windows, C, C++ and assembler

MaxMobil Heute T-Mobile
2.1998 - 6.2001
Software developement
• Project Customer Management System
• This is a complex applikation for administration, service and market analysis.
• Design, software development and test. Supplement tools for bonuses ("Mäxchen").
• Environment: VB6, Oracle, SQL, SQL PLUS, XML

ICE GmbH Schweiz
10.1997 - 4.1999
Software developement
• Project Thread
• Determination of thread density (number of threads / cm) in fabric images. A line scanner provides data in 256 gray levels. These are analyzed by FFT. As a result, the thread density is delivered.
• Design, software development and test. Application of FFT – Fast Fourier Transformation. Feasibility study.
• Environment: C++ und Assembler

Realia AG
9.1996 - 11.1999
Software developement
• Project data base application for interested clients
• Input, service and analysis of data for customers. Networkable multi-user application.
• Design, software development, installation, test and training.
• Environment: Windows MS-Access

Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Verkehr und Kunst (Federal Ministry for Science, Transport and Arts)
6.1996 - 1.1997
Software developement
• Project Online Input for the data base of property damage
• Traffic accidents with property damage to be registered in a central data base in uniform shape throughout Austria. Help for the police. Scientific research of accident prone spots in order to effect appropriate action. Data acquisition, processing and maintenance.
• Environment: DOS, FoxPro

Sugery Dr. Passegger
11.1995 - 2.2002
System installation, software development, maintenance
• Project IT-system, patients data base
• Installation of computers, operating systems, software, network,, communications system between computer and developing machine (to copy a patient's relevant data from the data base into the X-ray photo).
program for the administration of patients' data (Microsoft Access VBA).
• Environment Windows, MS-Access

MA-46 Verkehrssicherheit (Security in Traffic)
11.1995 - 2.2011
Software developement
• Project Accident Analyzing System
• data base and statistic functions for detailed analyses and cross-evaluations of accidents with personal injuries in Austria as well as research of their causes. Accident black lists, collision tables, before-after studies.
• Design, software development and test.
• Environment: FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, C#

United Nation of Vienna UNOV
2.1993 - 2.1994
Communikations system, software development
• Project1: Data base Phone Billing.
• Phone Billing System to analyze in- and outgoing telephone calls. This program was used for the billing of all in the UNO building located firms and UNO organisations.
software module to recognize telephone calls (by differentiation of the two sources) between the Viennese UNO departments and the UNO head quarter in New York.
Design, software development, installation, test und training.
Environment: DOS FoxPro
• Project2: the installation of a virtual network for exchange of information concerning the needs and distribution of aid for the Organisation for Humanitarian Help in Bosnia. • Design, software development, on spot installation, test und training. • Environment: DOS, Novell Network, remote maintenance software.

GiroCredit. Today - Erste Bank AG
7.1992 - 2.1998
Software developement
• three projects:
• A data base of shares puts all shares for a selected company into a tree structure.Input and maintenance.
• A controlling program for automatic surveillance of selected financial transactions.
• A program to register the working hours of the personnel in a networkable data base, with entry and exit times, holidays and other absences.
• Design, software development, installation, test and training.
• Environment DOS, FoxPro, Pascal

Elektronik und Computertechnik
9.1985 - 5.1991
Hard and software development
• Project Printerinterface for WANG, IBM, PHILIPS, NIXDORF and SIEMENS computer systems. Both hard- and relevant software.
• Design, construction, hard- and software development, installation, test, productions preparations and training.
• Environment: DOS, machine language, assembler, Altera PLDs – (Programmable Logic Devices).

Europrocess GmbH
1.1985 - 8.1985
Software developement
• Custom programs in COBOL for Wang computer –commercial programs for stock, orders, order processing and similar themes.
• Design, software development, installation, test and training.
• Environment WANG System, Cobol

Austro Schnee
9.1983 - 12.1984
Software developement
• Workflow organization, optimized route planning for snow removal. Several programs organizing the workflow in the office, among others a program to optimize the routes for the drivers of the snow plows, using the spatial relation coordinate system of the Vienna City Board (RBW).
• Design, software development, installation, test.
• Environment: Philips Computer System, Cobol

Schock Elektro-Optic
12.1982 - 8.1983
Development of switching power supply units
• Design, prototyp development, test. Preparation and supervision of production, technical and quality control.
The whole process was made without computer.

Academical career

10.1975 - 3.1980
Technical University Wroclaw / Poland
Faculty Electroniks
Specification; automations systems.
Degree: Diploma


9.1970 - 6.1975
Technical highshool Wroclaw / Polen
Faculty: industrial automation and electronic control technology
Degree: high school graduation


German (fluent)
English (good)
Polish (native language)

Development tools

Visual Studio all versions till 2013
Xamarin for C# and Android
Eclipse Ganymede, Helios and Kepler
NetBeans IDE 5.5
Dreamwaever 11
Toad data base tools for Oracle
Altera PLDs
Ashling in-Circuit Emulator

Programming languages

C, C++, C#expert
Turbo Visionadvanced
Basic, Visual Basic, VBA, VB .NETexpert
FoxPro, Visual FoxProexpert
ASP .NETexpert
Java, Java Scriptexpert
Machine language of diverse CPUsadvanced