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Marek Wojcik - Coronavirus

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Plandemic - planned pandemic

Vienna 7/2/2020

All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September 2020 and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

Most of us are reluctant to read a prologue.

That's why I hid it.

1. What is this about?

Vienna 3/30/2020

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Everyone knows this picture with the virus!
It became a symbol of our time. For a few months now they have been showing the picture of our "enemy" in all newspapers and TV channels.

What is this creature that can panic billions of people for so many months?

It is a chemical compound of protein. It is not a living being. It cannot eat, excrete or attack with a gun in hand, because it has no hand and it's not a soldier in a hostile army.
So what is it?
Scientists would say that it is a simple relationship of several proteins, the basic building blocks of life that are based on protein. A series of C, G, A, T compounds arranged in a specific order. The structure resembles the DNA or the genetic code of the life forms known to us. DNA has a twisted ladder structure, two parallel sequences of protein sequences. The coronavirus has a simpler structure. It consists of just one thread, half a ladder. Science calls this structure RNA.

So, is our enemy a chemical substance? Yes, nothing else than that. Wouldn’t it be better to say that fear is our enemy? Media and organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) have been fueling our fear for several months.

Don't worry, I'm not going to invent any conspiracy theories. I am against the claims that a group of people wants to take over the world.

[Vienna October 18, 2020 Today I would no longer write the text marked in green.]

I also don't know if it's true that the coronavirus was made in military laboratories. This is also not the topic covered on this page.

But viruses are not soldiers that only cause war.
Look over here.
You get away from this destructive fear.

if you have no idea what something is about, then it is about the...

I intend to deal with more specific questions that came to my mind when I started thinking about the causes of the anxiety pandemic.

I know the official statistics on seasonal influenza. I rely on sources like the CDC, US Department of Health and the RKI, Robert Koch Institute in Germany. RKI was founded in 1891 and "is the oldest biomedical institute in the world," quote from RKI in German.

According to the WHO, the number of deaths from seasonal flu in the world is estimated to be between 290,000 and 650,000 each year.
In the original wording:
"Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year."
This information comes from:

And what is the situation on the coronavirus front?
Anyone can check it out here:

Today (30.03.2020) there are 10 to 20 influenza deaths per coronavirus-related deceased.

The question arises: why not close the borders, why not stop all manifestations of public life due to influenza?
The seasonal flu is the cause of death for many more people than the coronavirus!

No one has yet answered this question properly, although in today's world it is a fundamental question.

It would be easy now to blame the pharmacological companies. This industry has been the target of attacks, rightly or wrongly.
After reading the book John Virapen, "Side Effect Death," I would like to join the chorus of opponents of the pharmaceutical industry. However, I won't do it, because I have no evidence that a group of pharmaceutical concerns has caused this panic epidemic in the world. There are some clues, but this is not a proof.

In my opinion, it is sufficient to point out to this problem.
If someone wants to answer my question, I invite you, .
I am open to all theories that are ridiculous at first sight.
However, logical justification is required. I may believe too much in logic, but I have to rely on something.

An attempt to answer my question was also made on health.com, the second link I have given above. Quote from this page:

So how do the flu and coronavirus compare? Just a few weeks ago, the flu appeared to be the more menacing concern. The death rate from influenza is generally just a fraction of 1%.
How things have changed.
During a March 11 hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee on coronavirus preparedness, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, put it plainly:
"The seasonal flu that we deal with every year has a mortality of 0.1%,” he told the congressional panel, whereas coronavirus is "10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu," per STAT news.

So you are juggling with the least adequate mortality rate!

Since 20,127 samples had been taken in Poland by March 22nd and the current time (March 30th, 2020) showed the presence of viruses in 1,862 people, the ratio of patients to healthy people for these tests is 9.25%.
Quelle: How many corona virus tests have been performed? In Polish

Of course, the selection of the people tested influences this factor significantly.
People who had contact with the disease were tested...
Nevertheless, I dare to estimate the number of infected people in Poland.
If we theoretically assume a hundredth of the coefficient I calculated and round to 0.1%, the result is that, according to the test of all citizens in Poland, 40,000 people should be infected with the virus.
While this is a purely hypothetical number, it is quite likely. In the numbers so estimated, the mortality rate mentioned above is 0.055% (to date there have been 22 coronavirus deaths).
At the moment, the mortality rate for both diseases is similar.
And so much about the only argument that justifies the introduction of such strict restrictions.

The global mortality rate can also be calculated.
Approximately 2 million tests were performed with 723.3389 positive results.
And here comes a surprise! The ratio of patients to healthy people is four times higher than in Poland (36.17%).
Have the people tested in Poland been selected incorrectly?
I don't think so, it is done differently in other countries.
And then the tests themselves are only reliable to varying degrees.

Let us, nevertheless, count the theoretical number of infected people in the world. One-hundredth of the factor is rounded to 0.36%.
That is over 27 million people. And again the mortality rate was similar to that of the flu: 0.125%.

You have probably suspected that these calculations cannot be taken seriously, even the fact that I accepted without reason that it would be good if I took a hundredth and not a thousandth of a factor, for example.
And it turns out that I previously calculated this result and manipulated these numbers to get what I wanted.

This is how statistics are presented to us. This becomes particularly clear in medicine if the most senseless theses are to be justified.

2. Vaccinations

Vienna 3/31/2020

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Another thing, why is there no information on how many of these deceased have been vaccinated against the flu?
One can only speculate. This is because the information is kept secret for one reason or another.

Sounds like a conspiracy?
Hm. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy, it's just an area of the industry that makes huge profits by misleading consumers.

If someone thinks that pharmacological companies are interested in improving human health, they are wrong. It is exactly the opposite. Most representatives of this branch want as many as possible, preferably chronically ill, people in the world.
We have washing machines for dirty laundry. As a washing machine manufacturer, how would you react to the clothing industry's plans to make clothes that never get dirty?
It is the same in pharmacology.
The main goal is to increase the market for drug recipients.

How do you get there? There are many ways to do this:

Companies are legally obliged to achieve the highest possible income. At least those who are on the stock exchange.
Naturally, all large and small companies strive to maximize their sales. There is nothing wrong with this unless it is done at the expense of human health.

Here is a quote from the book "Who Made Beef a Pig?" about an attempt to trigger a swine flu pandemic in 2009. Author Udo Pollmer:

... Such a pandemic leap was possible because the "significant number of cases and deaths" had previously been tacitly removed from the definition of this phenomenon. The group of experts who advised WHO on swine flu consisted - by chance - of representatives of the vaccine companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). They were supported by the British government advisor Sir Roy Anderson, who warned of a pandemic a few days after the swine flu outbreak - that fortunately "two effective vaccines" could protect us (Relenza and Pandemrix).....

...The WHO announced the outbreak of the pandemic on June 11, 2009 and its end on August 10, 2010. According to the organization, 18,400 people died of swine flu at that time. This number seems unbelievable simply because the quick virus detection test is not a reliable source of information. In Germany, 258 people were affected by this flu, most of whom had previously suffered from other diseases and had more chance contact with the virus. However, when such a patient died in the hospital, the reason for his death was suddenly given - hocus-pocus - not cancer, for example, but only flu. Thanks to this, the hospital also improved its cancer mortality statistics...

Sounds familiar?
The book was written in the first half of 2011.
And now the story repeats itself ...

I would like to recommend another book about the criminal practices of one of the many pharmaceutical companies. In John Virapen's previously mentioned book "Side Effect-Death" you can read about the dishonest methods Eli Lilly uses in Sweden. The author was head of the Eli Lilly office in that country for many years.

I am very interested, does any of you know a drug in a pharmacy that effectively treats the cause of the disease without causing new diseases? In my experience, pharmacies mainly contain drugs that fight the symptoms of the disease.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, please share them

I was surprised to hear about a drug on Polish radio, where it was said to be used for "symptomatic treatment."

It's like treating smallpox by removing one pimple at a time with the scalpel.
But there are smallpox vaccines!
No so...

I found interesting WHO statistics. Dated 9th March 2020. It lists many diseases, sorted by the daily mortality rate.

WHO statistic The Seasonal Flu is only 8th, Coronavirus, COVID-19, 17th.

3. Forecast

Vienna 4/1/2020

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Let's go more or less a year into the future. It's the 1st of April, 2021.
The mortality statistics for 2020 have just been released.
And what do we see?
In the period from March 2020 "compared to the same period in the previous year," mortality due to diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, tuberculosis, and cancer decreased.
This is because a coronavirus found in a person who has died from one of these diseases has been moved in the statistics to a group that is currently scaring us.
Was the coronavirus the cause of death? Nobody tried to prove it.

Back to the present.
The reliability of rapid tests is of course negligible.
Antibodies were found in the body.
What does that mean? These antibodies may have appeared in the body a week ago, or maybe two years ago.
The fact that the first coronavirus was discovered in humans at the end of last year does not mean that it was not there before.
Regardless of the virus, most of these people included in the statistics would have died anyway. This is evident from statistics from previous years.

Another quote:
...Of the 56.9 million deaths worldwide in 2016, more than half (54%) were due to the top 10 causes.
Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016.
These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years....


How many new deaths from this disease are currently being entered in the coronavirus mortality statistics?

4. What's next?

Vienna 4/1/2020

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My guess:

somewhere in the world, there are several series production plants in which the vaccine or drug dexamethasone, which is unknown to anyone, is produced at full steam.
In half a year, most countries in the world will spend billions of dollars trying to buy world-saving funds and finally end this nightmare.

But what changes then?
Well, for about the next 10 years, no one will threaten the whole world with killing creatures.
Nothing will change in the number of dead people.

There will be "only" deaths, an estimated 400,000 worldwide, caused by the side effects of the new "miracle" vaccine.

But whatever? We have finally defeated a terrible pandemic that has cost 43 thousand lives to this day!
People who died as a result of a completely different illnesses.

Well, Forbes will have to change, in the first place, its list of the richest people in the world.

If you have no idea what something is about, then it is about the money.

We are dealing with well-planned and implemented criminal activities on a global level.

In your opinion, what does the WHO ask young people to be careful about, as there are deaths from the virus (and where is the evidence?), including children?
Is it the detection of the presence of antibodies? It doesn't prove anything!
Child deaths have always occurred and are used today to deepen the already very strong fear.

There are a few countries that ignore this artificial panic. In these countries, it can later be shown that there was no epidemic apart from fear.
It is enough to show that the mortality rate in these countries has not increased this year.
No excuse from government officials such as "thanks to our rigorous measures, we were able to prevent the worst."
They say that even the actual death rate hardly differs from statistically estimated this year.

5. Why is there no explanation for such drastic measures?

Vienna 4/9/2020

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I am not surprised by the attitude of the governments of most countries in the world.
By definition, they have to show the public that they are in control of everything. First of all, so that no one can accuse them of sitting idly while the world is overwhelmed by the "terrible virus."
The problem is that they accepted this threat without evidence. They listened to the experts.

I'm not saying that most experts are involved in the deliberate expansion of the fear pandemic.
I don't think someone bribed them either.
This is not necessary at all, since everyone assumed without proof that the virus is the cause of death for people who died from other diseases and that antibodies of this "monster" have been detected.

All that was needed was a couple of hot reports from "scientific research on the victims of the virus."
You didn't even have to prove that the virus was attacking the lungs, you just had to write it that way.

I suspect that this harmless virus spread around the world a few years ago. There are no symptoms, so who would be interested in them beforehand?
Some were found. They had the idea of making a fortune out of fear that would unleash itself.

The world is already in recession. This excludes offenders from other industries.
Why do I suspect some pharmaceutical companies as perpetrators of this psychosis of fear?
There are mutliple reasons for this.

At this point, I would like to point out that I am convinced that there are drug manufacturers, although probably only a few, that do not use such morally questionable methods.

These are the reasons:


Who exactly is behind it?
I don't know This is a task for Interpol. She could take care of it, but apparently isn't interested.

6. World mortality statistics

Vienna 4/10/2020

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When millions of people are killed, the tragedy of individuals and their families is lost.
Death is an integral part of life. Anyone who is poor or rich, starving or living in luxury has to die. This is probably the only justice we all yearn for.

Important note!
The method of comparing the two estimates used here can have a large error. In particular, the data on the Worldmeter website, although reliable, can contain errors. The algorithms used there are unknown to me. Current data on the number of deaths are naturally estimated based on many factors. As a rule, the final population data are based on information from three or more years ago. This older data also has an error, but this error is within the error tolerance. Still, the sources I use are the most reliable so far.

These forecasts were made for the United Nations Population Division in 2017 and are still valid.

mortality statistic Quelle.

According to statistical forecasts, 60.20 million people will die this year. Well, the first quarter has 91 days, so 91/366 * 60,200,000 = 14.970.000. So many deaths according to statistics for the first quarter.

We already know the site https://www.worldometers.info/, it gives current death statistics. Among other things, the number of deaths this year in the world.
By March 31, 2020, 14,650,000 people had died worldwide. We got a difference of 320,000 fewer people who actually died.

Despite this "monstrous" pandemic, 320,000 fewer people die than predicted?
In my opinion, this is the result of panic in the world that made most people stay at home. There are fewer traffic accidents, fewer work accidents, fewer murders, and surprise: fewer suicides.

I will not draw any conclusions from this - it will impose itself.

Vienna 5/1/2020

Let's repeat the calculations with data from the same sources for the first four months of this year.
On April 30, 121 days have passed since the beginning of the year. So 121/366 * 60.200.000 = 19.900.00. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world during the first four months of this year.

According worldometers.info in the world, 19,489,700 people died from the beginning of the year to midnight from April 30 to May 1, 2020.

While the largest, rather the most blown, pandemic was holding people's breath, 410,000 fewer people died than the statistics predicted!
A month ago there were 320,000 people.

And again the conclusions are obvious.

Vienna 6/1/2020

The next month of the artificial pandemic has passed. We have had 152 days since the beginning of the year.
So 152/366 * 60,200,000 = 25,000,000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first five months of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year 24,485,000 people worldwide died until midnight on May 31, 2020.

During this time, 515,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago there were 410,000 people.

Vienna 7/1/2020

Half of 2020 has passed. We have had 182 days since the beginning of the year.
So 182/366 * 60.200.000 = 29.936.000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first half of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year, until midnight June 30, 2020, 29,318,000 people died.

During this period, 618,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago it was 515,000 people.

Vienna 8/1/2020

We have had 213 days since the beginning of the year.
So 213/366 * 60.200.000 = 35.034.000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first seven month of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year, until midnight July 31 2020, 34.313.000 people died.

During this period, 721,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago it was 618,000 people.

Vienna 9/1/2020

We have had 244 days since the beginning of the year.
So 244/366 * 60.200.000 = 39.308.000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first eight month of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year, until midnight August 31 2020, 39.308.000 people died.

During this period, 825,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago it was 721,000 people.

Vienna 10/1/2020

We have had 274 days since the beginning of the year.
So 274/366 * 60.200.000 = 45.068.000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first nine month of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year, until midnight September 30 2020, 44.142.000 people died.

During this period, 926,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago it was 825,000 people.

Vienna 11/1/2020

We have had 305 days since the beginning of the year.
So 305/366 * 60.200.000 = 50.167.000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first ten month of this year.

According to worldometers.info this year, until midnight October 31 2020, 49.144.000 people died.

During this period, 1 023,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago it was 926,000 people.

The UN death predictions for 2020 and later years on ourworldindata.org have been adjusted to the current death process.
A value of 59,230,000 instead of 60,200,000 is now assumed for 2020.
The worldwide forecast death statistics for 2020 were reduced by almost a million people in the year of "the great plandemy"!

Weltmortalitätsstatistik Source.

For this reason I will not make any further comparisons for November and other months in the future.

7. Questions

Vienna 4/19/2020

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There are still unresolved problems on this topic:
  1. What is the scientific evidence that COVID-19 is the cause of death attributed to it?
  2. Why have other diseases that have caused more victims than those attributed to the current pandemic not caused such drastic restrictions worldwide?
  3. Why has the WHO tacitly changed the definition of an epidemic by removing the condition on the number of cases and deaths?
  4. Why do all the WHO statements on COVID-19 only serve to increase fear and are they no help in combating this pandemic announced by the WHO?
  5. What sense does it make to show coffins with many corpses in Italy in the media?
  6. Why is there no public communication about the negative - even fatal - effects of vaccines?
  7. Why is only the opinion of "experts" published that "only a vaccine can save the world from a pandemic"?
  8. Why is the experience of doctors from Bergamo in Italy ignored?

I've sorted these questions by importance. This does not mean that the last question is irrelevant.

I am a supporter of pluralism in the media.
Questions 4, 5, 6 and 7 show their lack.
In my opinion, the display of coffins is primarily due to the desire to increase the number of spectators. However, the public presentation of opinions that support vaccination is an expression of the "unanimity" of the TASS agency's worthy propaganda.
TASS agency, official agency of the Soviet Union.

I asked the first two questions earlier in this article.
The third question arose from the quotation from the book "Who Made Beef a Pig?"

The last question is the result of an interview on Italian television with a doctor from a hospital in Bergamo, the "most contaminated" city in Italy.
The doctor is Stefano Manera. Interview in Italian.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, please share them

8. The effects

Vienna 4/24/2020

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Today I want to write about the effects of this fear pandemic.
Let's start with the positive ones as they also appeared. Ecological effects are most important in this group.
Clean air: from India, you can see the Himalayan peaks for the first time since the Second World War.
In the Venetian Grande Canal, you can now see fish in clear water.
I remember very well when during one of my visits to this city St. Mark Square was built up to a height of about 30 cm flooded with water. One could enter the basilica over a pedestrian bridge. The ground could not be seen through the shallow water. The water was too dirty. And today you can see fish in the water!

I have found an interesting article Covid-19 and the MCO's effects on the environment.

Some economic operators perceive positive effects as manufacturers of drugs that increase immunity. Also manufacturers of masks, rubber gloves, and disinfectants.
I don't know if it can be seen as a positive report on the increased demand for coffins in Austria. There were more and more orders from funeral parlors who feared that the competition would buy coffins and they would run out of coffins.

Usually, I am optimistic, but it is not easy to keep a good attitude on this subject. Unfortunately, the negative effects of global pandemic are appalling.
Health care, tourism, manufacturing industry, air transport, it is impossible to name all the victims. How many people in the world have lost their jobs? These are just the economic consequences of this global crisis.
As a result of the need to provide financial support to the economy, the debt of most countries in the world will increase. I assume that this will increase the interest rate on loans. The economic crisis will continue to be felt long after the pandemic has ended.

What about people who unfortunately are not infected with the virus? It sounds strange, but it is.
I needed help for the nurse of my sick wife here in Vienna a week ago. This nurse cut her finger in the kitchen, it bled a lot. We went to the hospital, which used to provide medical assistance after accidents, also on an outpatient basis.
The hospital was unreachable for new patients. It was reclassified as an infectious disease hospital.
Fortunately, after a long search, we found a doctor who took care of this lady.

What about heart attacks or other serious cases where the ambulance could not arrive or was late?
The medical staff is very overworked due to the pandemic.

Let's get back to the positive aspects. It is clear that the peak of the pandemic crisis is behind us. Apparently, the virus does not like warm weather.
This was already evident in China, where warming has reduced the number of new people with antibodies against this virus. In Europe, the USA and other countries of the world, the switches are slowly shifting towards the "thawing" of the economy.
It's high time. Probably the last restriction that will be lifted is the closing of state borders.
Let's hope that the pressure from countries that live from tourism will be strong enough to do so before the tourist season starts.

I want to make it clear that my position is not to persuade anyone to disregard the recommendations of the authorities. We must hold on to it, regardless of our views.

[Vienna October 18, 2020 Today I would no longer write the text marked in green.]

Maybe I'm wrong in my judgment about the pandemic. However, so far I haven't found anything to contradict my suspicions.
The evidence I have presented is deductive in nature and would probably not be accepted as evidence in court.

In the next article, in a week's time, I will deal with the published death statistics for the current year in Austria.

9. Fear - a political tool

Vienna 4/28/2020

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Austrian statistics will appear later this week as I announced.

A very interesting article appeared yesterday in the Austrian media. The minutes of the talks of the Austrian government showed:

ORF article in German
Here is my English translation.

I would like to draw your attention to the words of Herwig Kollaritsch, "specialist in tropical diseases" (i.e. vaccines):

"... that this is a potentially fatal disease and not ordinary flu."

What does that mean?
Government expert says coronavirus is deadly and common flu isn't?
In fact, the number of deaths from influenza has many times exceeded the number of those who had COVID-19 antibodies, among other diseases, and sometimes flu.
I will in no way increase the fear of the currently announced pandemic to add new fears of the flu. Many of us have had the flu, sometimes even every winter or summer.

In many cases, the result when re-testing for COVID-19 antibodies is opposite to the previous result.
The only argument for unjustified intimidation of humanity is so credible.

As the article shows, fear is the best way to force society to do what is expected. It is true, where there is fear, the ability to analyze and think logically disappears.

10. Mortality statistics in Austria

Vienna 5/1/2020

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I have received the latest statistics on the mortality of persons in Austria.
I have presented here the first 15 weeks each year in the period from 2016 to 2020.
Data for the last three weeks of 2020 are estimates. The statistics were published by the Statistical Office in Austria.
These numbers do not include the cause of death. They apply to all those who died during this period in Austria:

Mortality statistics in Austria Source in German. From this page, you can download excel or pdf files with statistics.

Please note the first five weeks of 2017. 4,454 fatalities due to influenza were calculated in Austria in the 2016/2017 season. In the previous season of 2015/2016 there were 247 of them.
Source in German.
At the end of 2016, the following figures were presented in the document from the Statistical Office of Austria: week 51/2016 - 1.847, week 52/2016 - 2.160.
During the current pandemic of fear, the peak of mortality was reached in the 12th week, i.e. from March 16 to 22, and amounted to 1,827 people.

An interesting article appeared on the 9th of April in the Austrian media (ORF) Less heart attacks, but why? The article is in German.
Probably those who died of a heart attack and had coronavirus antibodies, did not spoil the collapse statistics.

About 8.9 million inhabitants live in Austria. It is about one in a thousand inhabitants of the world.
I also calculated global mortality statistics today. They are placed at the end of the chapter World mortality statistics.
It is possible that I am wrong, maybe this virus really is the cause of death? If anyone has access to research results on this topic, please

I looked for such information at the Lancet websites. Unfortunately without success.

11. Is it still a democracy?

Vienna 5/6/2020

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I will introduce you to a well-known retired professor in scientific circles. His name is Sucharit Bhakdi. He comes from Thailand. He is a microbiologist and epidemiologist. A renowned doctor and researcher in Germany.
He was a head of the Gutenberg Institute for Microbiology and Medical Hygiene in Mainz.
Why him?
Well, he wrote an open letter on the 26th March with five questions to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The original letter in German can be read here.

And what happened after this letter appeared on youtube (in German)?
This film has been seen almost 2.5 million times!
You could think that he was invited to discussions by politicians or at least by television? Unfortunately not, but he was offered a 5-minute interview on German television. He declined because a statement on such an important matter could not be given within five minutes.
Many articles criticized him, not his views. None of these journalists mentioned the content of his open letter. It was not in line with the "only correct" line propagated by the world politicians.
Your main argument:
COVID-19 is dangerous, because we say it! Her "experts" are also fully convinced of this.

Politicians have played a significant role in creating the wrong image of a pandemic in the world.
source in German

The fact that politicians from several countries used are almost identical, wrong methods of publicly disclosing information about the "expanding" pandemic shows that they were based on similar premises.

It is therefore, not surprising that the "pandemic" is going so well in democratic countries.

For the sake of clarity, I think democracy is by far the best way to govern the state. I actively fought for democracy in Poland during the time of martial law.

However, a couple of interviews with Professor Bhakdi were conducted. Not on public television, but still. I recommend Interview with Profesor Bhakdi. in German.

12. What about Europe's last dictatorship?

Vienna 9.5.2020

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WHO recommendations are ignored during an anxiety pandemic in a European country.
Today, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, the only army parade in Minsk took place in the world.
Football games take place in stadiums as usual. Fewer fans come, but they come anyway. The dictator has prohibited panic and what are the results?
About 10 million people live in Belarus. These are the death statistics for the four countries Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine:

Statystyka Belarus
Numbers of deaths in these four countries from March 1 to April 11

Source in German

Our old friend Worldometer for Belarus.
For comparison Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

What do you say?
Is the data false? Possible, but what about data from other, democratic countries? Read the previous chapter. There, as always with sources, I described exactly the mechanisms for manipulating the death statistics in relation to the coronavirus in England and the USA.
Of course, I don't support dictatorship and that's not the point here. In one case, however, President Lukashenko is right, the pandemic was caused artificially and has little to do with the virus.

WHO and the government threaten in their communiqués against the so-called second pandemic wave. "Don't give up your efforts," "sit at home," "wear a mask," and keep your distance from your neighbor.

What does the man say who, based on his knowledge and many years of experience in epidemiology, is most likely to talk about this topic? Professor Dr. Bhakdi, mentioned in the previous chapter, claims that there is no second wave in epidemics. This happened once in the history of mankind, a hundred years ago, during the flu, which was wrongly called Spanish. At the end of the First World War, widespread hunger and poor hygiene conditions led to another outbreak of the flu epidemic some time later.
Today it is impossible, we live in different conditions.

Another statement by Professor Bhakdi is worth quoting. He trained several thousand doctors and said if one of the candidates in the epidemiological review described the situation of the current pandemic and explained that only the vaccine would save mankind, this would fail due to a lack of knowledge ...

Further proof that if the world alone did not lead to the ruin of people and the economy through an imaginary pandemic and restrictions on democratic rights, everything would be as before.
Perhaps it was not a good thing before the epidemic, that can be discussed, but the cost of such learning is unimaginably high.

13. Censorship

Vienna 5/14/2020

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Today's topic is about the media.
5/8/2020 UK scientists condemn 'Stalinist' attempt to censor Covid-19 advice.
29.04.2020 Facebook doubles down on COVID-19 censorship

And what are the conclusions?
All experts who do not support the government's views must keep their opinion to themselves.

A good video on YouTube on this topic: COVID-19, CENSORSHIP, & TRACE As long as it's still there.

Many videos have recently been blocked on YouTube.

YouTube applies similar methods to other critically-oriented comments. For example in the case of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). Many German MMS films have been removed because they threaten the interests of the pharmacological lobby.

The topic of MMS is broad and I intend to dedicate it to my website in the future.

Today, I am writing about censorship in the topic COVID-19.
As usual, I would like to mention the methods by which free thinking is gagged.

Just wait for the Ministries of Truth to appear in what they call democratic countries.
Or maybe already, but not yet officially?

It takes about 10 seconds after I publish this chapter on Facebook and an automatic program has started to scan my website.
There was a similar reaction after every comment on YouTube, where I posted the link.

So I avoid using the name of the owner of Microsoft, or the wife of the former President of the United States, who preferred Ms. Monika.

"The Big Brother is watching you" ...

From book Georg Orwell "1984."

14. Where from so much sacrifice in Italy?

Vienna 5/18/2020

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An Italian art historian, MP Vittorio Sgarbi, gave a speech to the Italian Parliament on Friday, April 24th.
April 25th is the end day for Italians of World War II.
Appearance naturally in Italian. The content of the speech was translated into German in the film.
This translation, in turn, I translated into English. For those who do not know these languages:

"tomorrow is April 25 and we should unite against dictatorship and for the truth. Parliament cannot be an auditorium for lies.
On March 9, science announced that the virus is nothing more than flu. Science inspired the government. So don't lie and tell the truth! Don't make this Parliament an auditorium of lies! At least here, the principle of verum ipsum factum applies
(Giambattista Vico 1668-1744: we can only understand what we can do).
Scare? Well, I can scare you too. You are talking about 25,000 dead! That's not true! Do not use these dead for your rhetoric, for your "terrorism"!
Data from the Ministry of Health say that 96% of these people are killed by other diseases. This data shows it!
- he pointed at the board. This is the truth, this is the whole truth!
I have read all the information from the Ministry of Health. They died of other diseases. This was said by the Ministry of Health. If you do not know this, then study it and while all of Italy was recognized as a restricted zone, everyone here in Parliament is sitting without masks.
You are funny. You all didn't wear masks the day before yesterday. So it is. After 4th May, life will start functioning in Germany again. We are a country with fewer rights in Europe. Germany reacted correctly.
I read: 56% in Lombardy, 14% in Emilia-Romagna, 8% in Piedmont and 5% in Veneto. The same rules must not be used for so contaminated areas. At least real information is given here.
If we face Germany, let's act together and get rid of hypocrisy and lies, falsifications and incorrect numbers published to terrorize Italians.
Of these, 25,000 died of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases! Let's not use them to keep lying to citizens. These numbers must be announced before they can be checked.

25,000 people did not die in Italy because of the Crown. It is a lie to terrorize Italians, it is a dictatorship of consensus. It's ridiculous."

This is currently the case in many other countries around the world. It would be easier to list countries where this is not the case: Sweden, South Korea and Belarus, as previously described.

Let's go back to Italy. The cause of the health system collapse was panic. Without the horror scenes spread by the media, most of these people would simply stay at home.
According to Wikipedia in German 4,500 to 7,000 people die from hospital infections in Italy every year.

Imagine a situation in Bergamo where thousands of people suddenly want to see the hospital as the only rescue from a crown-like monster at all costs. Everyone saw on TV what a dangerous enemy it is!
Do doctors really need to decide who to get and who to send home? Everything has been done to increase the number of beds. But 5% of patients with the newly defined disease, COVID-19, need a respirator.
There are no tips for treating such patients. Doctors also watch TV. They are convinced that it is in their hands that they have the last hope before the destruction of humanity. You are trying. So they try to use drugs that help in similar cases, Ebola, malaria, etc. I don't blame the doctors, they were left alone on the battlefield. Something has to be done.
Most patients are obviously older people. How many of these people will survive with their drug trials? Even if used with great caution, older people die faster than younger patients after violating a certain balance in the body.
If these people didn't panic and stayed at home, they would probably live now.

How much has the WHO contributed to this? Just read their news on the subject. You will not find any useful information there. It was the WHO that announced a pandemic based on the definition it changed a few years ago.
If there was a person with a runny nose in every country, there would be a reason to explain a runny nose pandemic! But what can you earn from a cold? And who would be afraid of it?
Fear is the key here.

I am not for a black and white picture of the world. In my opinion, keeping this metaphor, the world is made up of a multitude of shades and is therefore so colorful. This also applies to the WHO organization in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations. Your "creative" role in triggering world panic is clear.
There is also the other side of the coin. Sure, smokers will not agree with me and that is understandable, but I think the WHO deserves praise for introducing a ban on smoking in public places in most countries in the world.
The abolition of smallpox is also due to this organization. I am not for vaccines, but that does not mean that I completely negate this type of disease control. I am a strong opponent of vaccinating newborns. The uterine cancer vaccine, which is also used in boys, is a clear abuse to achieve financial benefits.

Northern Italy has the largest air pollution in all of Europe. An increase in deaths due to respiratory diseases was already observed in the previous year.

Let us summarize this chapter: the cause of more deaths in Italy and probably in Spain or England artificially caused panic.
Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts my views?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

15. Why am I not afraid of the virus?

Vienna 5/23/2020

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Don't worry, I'm not going to pull out old bullets like "more people are dying of flu," "there's no evidence that this virus is harmful."

These would be arguments that work on the logical left side of the brain. You calm down, but rather briefly. In a moment there are doubts, what if the horror TV scenes are true?
What if I'm just wrong? Making mistakes is even inscribed in human history.

There is one person, my mentor, who is not completely unknown. I owe him my greatest success in about 20 last years. I have never met him personally, I have never been to one of his seminars and they were also organized in Vienna.
My mentor is Brian Tracy through books, mostly audio books.
His first book, which I came across in 1999, "Personal Leadership" in German, was heard by me more than twenty times.
Yes, I was not wrong, I heard this book most often when I traveled to Poland and back by car.

And what have I learned from these books? A skeptic would ask that. My answer could even offend him: read it yourself! And follow the advice!
But that's really the best answer I can give him.

Still, I'll try to show you what I've learned from these books.

First of all, a positive attitude towards life. Pessimists will show up here, but let's ignore them, let them torment themselves and their surroundings.
This is their way of life. Why is this way so bad? At least because the pessimists experience a mistake that will occur twice. Once in stress that they cook for themselves and then in a reality that they have not avoided. And it's not true that they were prepared for it. They weren't at all. However, as Brian Tracy says, 80% of her predictions are not being met and the associated stress is still there.

Well, but that doesn't explain why I'm not afraid of a pandemic. That's right, because optimism is one of the many options that the author recommends. The advice that takes away my fear was much easier, at least for me.
I met this advice several times during a fear pandemic in the form of a joke:


Perhaps it is better not to take it literally, because then the first real victim of the coronavirus can appear, a passer-by.

I have taken this advice to heart. I haven't really watched TV in twenty years.
And what has changed? A lot!
First of all, I gained a lot of time that I had previously spent watching TV. In the past, there has never been a day when I haven't seen the main edition of the news.
It is much more important, however, that I am not exposed to political manipulation.
There are, of course, some drawbacks. For example, six months later, I received information that two countries, Romania and Bulgaria, had joined the European Union. This is a tragedy now!
Please do not misunderstand me. These countries are certainly not unimportant. Only the information alone about whether I can do it or not is irrelevant here.
Now I need to find out, but I can choose a source that has no biased comments. It cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced considerably.

Imagine this photo with the coffins of the coronavirus victims in Italy:

I received this photo with the message that this is fake news. Yes, the photography comes from Italy, but was taken in 2013 after a shipwreck with refugees.

I haven't seen a pandemic TV show either. I saved myself a lot. And yet you won't say I'm not informed, will you?

I also read the mainstream media on the Internet carefully. Interesting facts are also described there. And citing such sources makes them think more, but shows that I'm open to all reasonably logical views. I usually avoid comments. Even in a situation where I don't know what to think about it.

Whether you continue to watch TV or not, it's just your decision. I have nothing to do with it. I showed you my way. It turned out very well for me. What I would like to recommend are Brian Tracy's books.
But ... reading alone is just an introduction. You have to digest the meaning and implement it after adoption. It will be like the smoker who said: "there is nothing easier than quitting smoking, I do it every day!"

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here? Or are you just scared?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

16. May you live in interesting times!

Vienna 5/31/2020

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This Chinese curse has become our reality.
Did Feng Menglong predict our pandemic back in the 17th century?
He didn't have to, it's just a philosophical metaphor of people's common tendency towards a stable, orderly life.

As you can see, interesting times take away so hard built little stabilization.
We all have a legitimate desire to live in a safe and organized society.
The only question is, is it even possible? Nobody can guarantee that we will return home safely from work in the evening. I don't want to trigger another pandemic of fear here, but these are the rules of our lives. There is no guarantee of job, health, love or just happiness.

It is not right to make fun of someone's death. However, I would like to show how the statistics of the dead coronaviruses are generated.
An ambulance doctor should issue a death certificate to a person who was previously known to have a coronavirus.
Undecided, he calls his manager and asks him for advice.
"Write that he died of COVID-19!"
"But the dead man has a knife in his heart!"
"You say knife, write it down as an accompanying illness."

Today I'm going to look at the activities of the second person on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. I don't mention his name, he's still widely known. He was a co-founder of Microsoft.
I found a film for you on the impact of a private person on WHO.
Ten years ago, this billionaire admitted to the Ted Talk program that the new vaccine „can reduce the population.”.
The foundation has been fighting for many years to reduce the overcrowding of the earth.
Maliciously saying that you should start managing such foundations.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated in India and several African countries, causing infertility in many. The vaccine recipients were apparently not informed of these additional side effects.

Another quote: ...Vaccines should not be distributed until governments agree to assume full responsibility for future claims in the event of adverse effects.

Isn't it a perfect business model?
The foundation's product is to be bought with taxpayers' money, vaccinations must be mandatory. If there are complications, the manufacturer is not responsible, but the customer, the taxpayer.
It is estimated that around 10% of those vaccinated will experience side effects.According to the foundation's goal of vaccinating over 7 billion people, there will be "only" 700 million unpleasant cases. But the others who are forced to be vaccinated will be happy.
The same foundation and exactly one of those dependent companies in the UK dealing with infectious diseases in animals became the owner of the coronavirus patent five years ago.


That’s it...

Tomorrow, June 1st, I'll be in the chapter World mortality statistics, add a new comparison of statistically predicted deaths in the world with actual deaths.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

17. The largest philanthropic foundation in the world

Vienna 6/6/2020

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Today I'm going to look at the activities of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.

The idea of founding such a foundation by the richest man in the world at the time (the year 2000) is commendable.
You can't spend billions of dollars on a store. You can buy the entire store at most.
Wealth in this way will not decrease significantly. Why would a billionaire need a shop?

A much better idea would be to create and fund a well-organized philanthropic organization that works to improve human health, regardless of the material status of these people.
If I were so rich, although I don't want it at all, I would think of such a foundation.
Where big money, big emotions. It is natural.
There is a lot of conflicting information and speculation on the Internet about this foundation.
In this chapter, I will base, as usual, on official data, which was also published by the foundation itself.
In addition to improving health, the foundation aims to reduce famine in the poorest countries in the world.
Nobody disputes the legality of such a procedure.

Problems only arise when the owner of the foundation wants to implement his ideas, be they right or wrong. Bill Gates is convinced that only vaccines will eliminate all infectious diseases.
It is based on the success announced in 1980 by the WHO in the complete control of smallpox. Apparently the biggest success of the WHO is the fight against the pox epidemic.
Everything looks good. Finally, the activities of the Foundation will help mankind.
That may be the case, but the largest recipient of the foundation's funds is the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization GAVI.

In 2016, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation transferred over $ 1.5 billion to GAVI.
Interested parties can search for other payments, for example for the WHO. This is the foundation's website.

A little digression, when I was looking for payouts for WHO, I introduced the name World Health Organization and got what I wanted and more. Windows users are probably used to strange effects.
"GlobalGiving Foundation, Inc." appeared on the list in addition to the WHO.
You are probably familiar with the term "future_error" used by Microsoft. Future mistake, but what is it really about? Just a bug that will be fixed in the (probably further) future.
A bit of malice for a company that forces you to buy new Windows when your computer gives up your mind and you need to buy new hardware.

Let's go back to Bill Gates.
Even more than the idea of ideally forcing all the inhabitants of the earth to be vaccinated, this humanity, for whom he fought so bravely, was startled by the idea of producing an electronic chip that implements humans between thumb and forefinger according to one of the ideas on hand should be.
The chip would replace the ID or passport. So George Orwell predicted the future well. However, he did not believe that the world wanted to be dictated by crazy ideas, one man, not three powers.
With a visionary passion, Bill Gates said that such a man with a chip did not have to submit documents when traveling, that he had been vaccinated.

In October 2019, the Bill Gates Foundation organized an expert meeting. A coronavirus pandemic was simulated at this meeting called Event201.
This is how it is described on the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security page: Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts.
So the foundation co-organized and created a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic.
The question arises, what is the idea of choosing coronavirus as the source of a pandemic in October 2019?
Currently, October 2019, any virologist would say that the worst thing you can expect from a coronavirus is cold.
Perhaps it was because the coronavirus patent belongs to a Gates Foundation company?

There are reports on the Internet that this patent is not part of the foundation at all. If anyone has any doubts, please check out this subpage.

Sequel follows.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

18. Bill Gates Foundation Part II

Vienna 6/7/2020

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On May 14, MP Sara Cunial asked the Italian Parliament to take Bill Gates to the International Court of Justice.

There are many arguments for this approach:
  1. The enormous influence of Bill Gates on the WHO. This year alone, he paid over $ 50 million to this organization. If someone wants to check this, I recommend the Foundation link given in the previous chapter.
  2. Bill Gates fights for the depopulation of the earth depopulation of the earth. According to Bill Gates, the spread of vaccines will help reduce humanity by 10-15%.
  3. Bill Gates warned the world about a pandemic five years ago.
  4. Bill Gates Impfkampagne in Indien 2014 Deaths.
  5. Organization of a conference of pandemic, finance and PR specialists in October 2019 - Event 201.
    An outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has been practiced. Great emphasis was placed on controlling the mass media and restricting the publication of opinions that differ from those of the Bill Gates Foundation.
  6. A series of statements by Bill Gates about the enormous risk of an uncontrolled spread of the virus in the world. Targeted scaremongering.

Coincidence? Maybe, but six cases are enough to start an investigation. Especially when the fate of the world is at stake...

A fairly objective view of Bill Gates' career history.
We have the seventh case here, the business methods used by Bill Gates.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

19. How reliable are the PCR tests?

Vienna 6/10/2020

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It seems that we will slowly regain the rights we have taken away. Yes, the governments promise that they will slowly return to us.
What is important?
Only one thing - the number of positive test results is expected to decrease.
At the smallest increase in this number, loosening is suspended and even reversed, i.e. H. again restrictions.

I would, therefore, like to draw your attention to whether we can trust these tests.
We will take care of the PCR test, which determines our civil liberties.

A new film by Samuel Eckert - #NichtOhneUns was released yesterday on YouTube.
The video is in German, so I will describe the most important aspects.

NichtOhneUns - NoWithoutUs, protests in larger German cities against unreasonable restrictions on the pretext of a pandemic. Clinical tests in Stuttgart confirmed the effectiveness of this test in 95%, and in the case of higher virus concentration close to 100%.
Interesting, isn't it?
Great lot!
And it should be like that. Let's check, however, to be sure what the matter with the results of these tests looks like?
Let's calculate it ourselves. 1.087.853 tests were carried out in Poland at the beginning of April.
Of these, 27,560 tests gave positive diagnosis. I once saw on the Internet information about the estimated average level of coronavirus infection in Poland. It amounted to 1.27% at the time.
In the Excel table, download link below, I entered this data.
I also gave two parameters that are shown by the test manufacturer (this data applies to German tests). These are sensitivity, the percentage of the number of correct positive results in relation to all positive cases, and the specificity of the same factor for negative results.

Below I present the result:
The difference between the number of positive tests received 27.571 and then reported by the media 27.560 = 11, results from the rounding of calculation formulas in Excel.

Please note the number of false-positive results. It is 13,962. This is 1.3% (100 - 98.7%) of the total number of uninfected persons, i.e. from 1.074.037.
The test reliability for positive results is 49.36%. So less than half.
Of all the positive results of 27,571, only 13,608 are actually correct.
The media uses mainly this number of infected.
The only thing that separates us from true freedom can be manipulated freely through the amount of testing!

Play with numbers alone. Here is the appropriate Excel file created by Samuel Eckert .

Isn't it exciting how easy it is to manipulate millions of people?
Certainly not for manipulated people.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

20. Toss coin vs. PCR test

Vienna 6/16/2020

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At the beginning, I would like to recommend the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.

As stated in the previous chapter, the comparison would be decided in favor of the coin.

In the second part, Samuel Eckert again calculates the reliability of the PCT test based on the corrective data. If the information from RKI votes, the reliability is 15%.
If so, throwing a coin gives three times the result of a PCR test!

In today's film, Samuel Eckert published another video on the topic of PCR testing.
Some inconsistencies have been resolved. According to prof. Drosten, German government advisor on the Pandemic, infection rate in Germany corresponds to about 0.85%.
What does that mean? Now that the PCR tests are more susceptible to errors (10%) than expected.

If you compare the last five years, mortality in Germany has decreased.
This shows how sensible it is to maintain a natural disaster.
The government is trying to maintain this condition as long as possible. In this way, many projects can be implemented that were hardly possible to implement in normal situations.

Even the mainstream media talks about the wrong picture of the pandemic by portraying discovered infected people without giving test numbers. To keep face, caution is constantly being discussed. Officially, nobody admits that this pandemic is fictitious.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

21. How do countries in Africa view the pandemic of fear?

Vienna 6/17/2020

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Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, but geographically belongs to the African continent.
An interesting film about two African countries was made by a Canadian, Amazing Polly.

This may surprise some, but this chapter on Africa is an extension of the previous two chapters on PCR testing. The President of Tanzania decided to test the credibility of the coronavirus tests.
They sent samples of papaya, goat, rabbits to the laboratory, even a sample of motor oil.
Each of these samples was identified along with other required data and a fictitious name. The laboratory was not informed of this trick. The results of all of these samples for the presence of the modern virus were positive.
The president announced the results of this test at a press conference.

And how did the world react to such a speech? Has someone checked the reliability of these tests?
An article about the President of Tanzania appeared in The Guardian. He has been accused of quackery and the spread of conspiracy theories. That is, the same gratuitous nuisance experienced by experienced scientists when they publicly argued against the prevailing lie campaign. We know it from our back yard.
I would like to be able to choose such a politician from us. A politician who doesn't have to prove anything. He really cares about the people who have entrusted him with power ...

Tanzania wants to import COVID Organics from Madagascar, which has already cured many people of this infection. This medicinal product was made from a mugwort that grows in Madagascar.
The President of Madagascar presented arguments at the press conference that confirm the effectiveness of this measure. Of 170 patients, 105 were completely cured of the infection after 10 days. They were given no other medicines.
At the same press conference, a journalist mentioned that WHO was afraid of the negative effects of this herbal therapy.
The President of Madagascar reported on the research by Professor Bernard Debre, who examined 58 approved medicines and showed not only the complete lack of effectiveness, but above all, the danger to the health and life of patients associated with the use of these medicines
These drugs are also available on the African market and the WHO is not concerned that they could harm patients. However, the herbal medicine used since the 4th century AD must be thoroughly checked for harmlessness.
A WHO communiqué added that African countries "deserve the same criteria for the use of medicines as worldwide." So simple, big pharma and vaccines...

I think, for the first time I heard politicians speaking like normal people. I was delighted to hear what both Presidents have to say.
Without the use of pseudo-scientific jargon, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and all these special PR tricks.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

22. Conspiracy practice

Vienna 6/23/2020

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A conspiracy, also known as a plot, is a secret plan or agreement between persons for an unlawful or harmful purpose.

This is the definition of the word conspiracy according to Wikipedia.
The definition is clear, there should be no problems with the interpretation.
To speak about a conspiracy, we need a group of people (people who are known by name or not) and a specific purpose.
Let's check another word: theory.
A theory is a contemplative and rational type of abstract or generalizing thinking about a phenomenon, or the results of such thinking.

What is a conspiracy theory? A concept that has meant just as much as an unreasonable wrong sentence in recent months. At least that's how the mass media treat it.
This approach is a convenient excuse not to deal with the questions asked.
In my blog, I collected facts that are supported by information about the source of this data. Where I make hypotheses, I write clearly about it. I leave the interpretation to the reader.
What you are reading is a description of conspiracy practice.

I will now present the arguments put together to show that it is a global conspiracy.
  1. The fear pandemic was launched by the WHO without providing scientific research sources on the harmful effects of the potential "killer of humanity."
  2. On May 10, 2009, the WHO changed the definition of an epidemic so that every disease can be declared a pandemic, an epidemic in several neighboring countries.
  3. The date of the pandemic announcement correlates with a $ 50 million donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  4. In October 2019, the Event 201 conference was organized in New York, where the various aspects of the coronavirus pandemic were tested.
  5. In mid-March 2020, both the WHO and most of the mass media alarmed us that we were facing a terrible pandemic that would kill many millions.
  6. The method of reporting a pandemic was exactly the same in most countries around the world: the number of new cases was reported daily, which inevitably had to increase with the tests. Anyone who died or suspected of being infected with the virus was automatically classified as a coronavirus victim. No distinction is made between those who died from coronavirus and those who had it and who died, for example, of a heart attack.
  7. Due to the change in qualifications, we have the lowest mortality rate for flu this year.
  8. Coronavirus autopsy has been banned in most countries. This is the only way to determine the true cause of death and counter the pandemic.
  9. Wrong information about overcrowded hospitals was shown on television.
  10. Scientists who expressed a different opinion than the official one were immediately classified as conspiracy theorists. I present a list in German of 250 scientists, mainly respected professors, who have met this fate.

  11. This fear pandemic is based on PCR tests. As I wrote in two chapters, these tests are unreliable.
    Much more: tests that put people under house arrest (called quarantine) and serious political decisions, that destroy the lives of millions of people, have never been approved for use in laboratories.
    Only the WHO, which blew up this hysteria itself, made a recommendation to use it. This is how it works without scientific evidence. WHO conveniently speaks for a certain group of people.
    The manufacturer himself wrote in the instructions that these tests are not suitable for diagnosis. The same said the creator of PCR technology Nobel laureate Kara Banks Mullis.
    Because of his disobedience, Kara Banks Mullis was dismissed from the pharmaceutical lobby, which has a huge financial impact on the media, viewed in the scientific world as "unperson" in the Orwellian sense.

Eleven points. Each of them could be random, but all occur over the world at the same time. This can no longer be considered a coincidence.
It is "a secret plan or agreement between persons for an unlawful or harmful purpose" - conspiracy.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

23. Corona false alarm

Vienna 6/30/2020

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I will review the book published on June 23, 2020, which has the same title as the title of this chapter.
Authors prof. dr. Karin Reiss and us from the chapter Is it still democracy? known prof. dr. Suchard Bhakdi.

I found the answer to my first question in the chapter Questions:

The first light in the dark came from a French study. In this, patients with respiratory diseases were examined for the presence of four conventional corona viruses compared to SARS-CoV-2. Without distinguishing whether the patients died with or from the virus, they still came to the conclusion that there was no significant difference in the number of deaths between the two groups. It didn't matter whether you carried a normal, previously unnoticed corona virus or the new "killer virus." The authors concluded that the "COVID-19 problem" is likely to be overestimated.

Since the publication of this scientifically sound study on March 19, 2020, no comparable studies have appeared that contradict this conclusion.

The world-famous virologist and epidemiologist Professor Bhakdi, who trained 12,000 doctors, confirmed the lack of scientific research into the harmfulness of the virus, which was selected by an unknown group of people as a tool for spreading fear.

When we combine this with the use of the PCR test around the world as the basis for all medical and political decisions, we have a clear picture of the situation.
Please note that PCR tests have never been approved for laboratory testing. Only the WHO recommended the use of this test because of the "critical" situation it caused.
I would like to add that the manufacturer of the PCR test clearly stated in the description attached to the product that this test is not suitable for diagnostic purposes. It can only be used for scientific research.

Today after midnight I will update the world mortality statistics.
The first six months of 2020 will pass.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

24. Orwellian world

Vienna 7/1/2020

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I found the right words on the Internet. Signed by Frank Schulz. Commenting on this film.

It is not the government, or unscrupulous doctors, who destroy the country with their inhumane "measures", ruin existence, traumatize children, isolating old people against their will and letting the weakest part of society, namely the poor, the old and the homeless mercilessly go to the dogs, it is the people themselves who obediently carry out all these crimes.

And why?
Certainly not out of fear of a deadly plague, had before in any case, the BLV Matters demos are not scary, but from one obviously masochistic need to want to be controlled.
You have to imagine that:
to put a mask in front of the mouth and nose of a child in the day care center so that he can no longer breathe freely and then to tell him that it is a Game, something like that is not a game but a crime! And the educators and Teachers are all involved, where is the outcry from the population?!

How does a teacher still manage English classes Orwell's 1984 or at all? Has Antiutopia read and then the students at the graduation ceremony to hand over the Basic Law?
How did doctors agree with their conscience to simply reject people who needed urgent surgery simply because the hospital beds for potential Corana patients, who never came! - kept clear?

How did nursing home staff manage to forbid someone to hold their dying mother's hand in their last hour? How do you reconcile something with your conscience? But only by throwing humanistic values overboard.

"Now, it was good.
Everything was in order.
The struggle came to an end.
He had overcome himself.
He loved the Big Brother."

George Orwell 1984

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

25. Manipulation

Vienna 7/4/2020

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The United States has its Independence Day today and we will look at manipulation. This alluded to the fact that I don't think that only the United States is interested in influencing our opinion. I know from my own experience that the page you are currently on is thoroughly analyzed by servers in many countries. Also in China and Russia.

During my search, I came across an interesting Swiss website Facts about COVID-19.
This is a summary of facts that contradict those officially distributed worldwide with one voice.
Only such a specification of all misrepresented information from the world media shows the scope of the crone conspiracy campaign.

This page also contains more information about how you can influence our way of thinking. The main theme of this platform is global manipulation.
See what they write about Wikipedia, which I often refer to.

I will not go into the details of the falsification of reality any further. I will not prove anything here. I think what I have written in the previous chapters is enough.
Speaking of manipulation. I can also be accused.
On April 10, in the chapter on mortality statistics in the world, I wrote that there are fewer suicides. That surprised me. I read it in one of the online articles.
I currently have very different information about suicides in Germany. In this picture, the two months of March and April 2019 are compared with the same months of 2020.

Szkody kolateralne

On the left, you see suicide statistics in Berlin, on the right all over Germany.
The blue bars refer to suicides in 2019, the red ones in 2020.
The statistics were divided into four groups. Counted from the left: deadly jumps, overdosage of antidepressants, overdosage of other medications, suicide due to violence.
In total, the number of suicides in Germany rose by 929 cases.
We have known the term "collateral damage" since the war in Yugoslavia.

Here's an article about the Analysis of SwissCovid.

What can a gray, scared person do when bombarded with a daily dose of panic?
Perhaps a lot in contrast to appearances. First discussions. We were denied the opportunity to obtain information from many sources that showed different views on important issues. It's a great way to discuss with people who are also looking for a base to base themselves on.
If your views are different, the better. This guarantees an interesting discussion.

One condition must be met during the discussion: regardless of the level of emotions, we always discuss with someone else's arguments and look for arguments ourselves.
Mutual recognition, openness to another person.
If someone convinces me that I am wrong, I will publish it immediately.
My job is not right. My job is to ask.
I open up to other people and enrich myself.

When we talk to a person who supports different opinions than we do, we have the impression that we are talking to a man who is less sensible.
Both sides feel that way. Instead of saying insulting words, we hear what the person has to say. Not everything he says really contradicts our view of the world. Our prejudices stand in the way of understanding other people.
By "our" I mean both sides. Because we are all human. Each of us wants well. Each of us sees it differently.

In most cases, no one will be convinced after such a meeting. It is not a problem. Success is when we want to shake hands after the discussion.
Yes - in contrast to the Minister of Health, I think that shaking hands is a symbol of health and helps to improve the situation.
If someone thinks otherwise, I will respect their views. Respect for the other person, not hate speech, should affect our behavior.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

26. Who writes fake news?

Vienna 7/14/2020

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I wonder how long obviously wrong information is swallowed just because it comes from official sources?
Who scared us with millions of deaths?
Here in Austria, Chancellor Kurz said in March that soon everyone among his relatives would know who had died from the coronavirus.

It's not just me or a group of crazy conspiracy theorists who argue that there is no scientific basis to claim that we were faced with an epidemiological threat in 2020.
In Chapter Conspiracy Practice by listing (Point 10) a list of 250 scientists who have objected to misleading the public by providing manipulated information.

Without the tragic situation of millions of people, I would call Corona followers "monarchists".
I don't want to split people, and most of all I don't want to do it if they have different views than I do.
I am not now struggling to be the same anti-democratic proponent of censorship.

I like the recent grassroots movement in Germany.
They organize demonstrations to defend the fundamental rights of citizens. The largest of them, which is expected to have 500,000 participants, will take place on August 1st in Berlin.
It's about a lot. Not only for Germany, but for Europe and the whole world, all countries that are gradually trying to return to the era of feudal rule.

They called themselves lateral thinkers.
They want to talk to everyone regardless of their political orientation or religion.
They encourage people to seek the truth. It is not that difficult at all. I know from my own experience, although I am not a journalist and do not intend to become a journalist, I have reached the sources that I have presented to you without any major problems.

And journalists?
I deliberately did not use the term "real journalist," because this is a manipulation like "real patriots" or "real men," fictional characters created only to influence other people's behavior.
So: and journalists?
Few people on earth deserve such a name.
It's easy for me to judge others. I'm not at risk of losing my job or being blacklisted.

It is true and I will say more, I have few reasons to condemn the coronavirus hysteria.
I have not suffered any significant losses.
The problem is that if nothing threatens my existence, it doesn't mean I don't feel how much damage is being done to others.
I also lost something very valuable that I have fought for all my life. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression on every topic, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, whether I should put on a harmful mask or be vaccinated.

I know from friends who have a family in Spain that the police in this European country take children whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children to the vaccination point and commit crimes against the child's body and soul against the will of their legal guardians.
Wasn't it in this country at the end of the 15th century that the only truth prevailed that was spread by the Holy Inquisition? I like Spain, the Spaniards, their culture and I also respect their history. However, I disagree with trampling on basic human rights, one of which states that only the patient or authorized caregiver has the right to choose which treatment to take and which medication to use. The same applies to the rights of parents.

I think each of us thought if someone told us half a year ago what the world would do to protect "human health" from a threat that never existed, it would pat on the forehead.
Because we're dealing with insanity.
Deliberately misleading, panic prevalent, show director films with trenches about 10 meters long, which are carried by the actors of the first empty coffin in Brazil. This is how I interpret senseless images in YouTube videos.
Brazil, a country where mortality is still lower than in Europe.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

27. When does this tragic comedy end?

Vienna 7/18/2020

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Don't you wonder why, despite the fact that there is no reason to do so, we are forced to wear muzzles that are fondly called masks?
There are many answers to this question. None of them will be a logical answer.

One would suspect that the health ministers were bribed in most countries. In my opinion, this was not necessary at all.
The minister reports to the prime minister and belongs to a group that is popularly known as the government.

Imagine that you are a member of such a group. I know it's not that easy, especially since it requires a change of mindset. Overcome your scruples and accept that a certain group of people will certainly suffer from your decisions.
This is not a job for people with empathy.

Everyone makes mistakes without exception. A senseless rule was laid down for the government members that they must not be wrong.
Instead of governing, they have to apologize, look for scapegoats, we all know it.
How much energy is wasted on it? And mistakes seem to appear again and again.
In this situation, the global pandemic was a salvation for the rulers.
Why should you give it back? Because we want it? That is definitely not enough.
Not only is it possible to blame a terrible virus for all the errors, but the situation asks to be used.
The opposition supported the government with decisions that would not have been made in the normal situation, at least without a dispute. In early March, we were all blinded by the horror scenes that were bombarded by the media.

In the chapter "Fear - a political tool" I have presented documents showing that the rulers in Austria have deliberately used fear to facilitate the manipulation of the community.
A similar document has appeared in Germany.
At least now we should have no doubt that the rulers are not about our welfare, they want to influence us so that we can easily swallow their ideas for our lives.

I have no positive answer to the question asked in the title of the chapter.
Even if people are no longer sick and die by a miracle of today, they will not give us our rights voluntarily.
You will find another excuse to "protect" us.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

28. Lie?

Vienna 7/19/2020

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Is the pandemic a lie??

I think we will turn it upside down if we have to prove that we are being cheated.
Isn't it that those who deliberately mislead the whole world owe us evidence of their unfounded theories?
Has the WHO ever submitted scientific studies confirming the harmfulness of the coronavirus?
Five months have passed since the WHO received its only pandemic incentive of $ 50 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Immediately afterwards, a state of emergency was introduced into the world without justification.

That's why I'm not going to prove a pandemic lie here. If someone has no arguments, read one of the previous chapters, preferably all.

Fear proved to be a good argument for abandoning our rights, for which so many people have died in the past.
We currently have a mixed system of political power in most countries around the world.
So far unique.
We still have the remains of democracy. We have elements of totalitarian power. However, the biggest changes come in the direction of feudal power.
Hence the name "mixed system of political power." However, this is a temporary situation. The future world government, and that is clearly the goal, wants to avoid social protests at all costs.
This could prevent them from realizing their far-reaching plans.

What can we do in such a situation?
The first step is already behind you, find out from non-mainstream sources to form a more reasonable opinion than the one that is so widely propagated.
I hope you are not limited to reading my website.

You can also do something actively. There are protests worldwide against unjustified restrictions on democracy.
The largest of these takes place on August 1st in Tempelhof Berlin. Airport in West Berlin, which played a major role in defending democracy, is nearby.

There is also nothing you can do, sit and wait at home. But it could end up like this:

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

29. Analysis

Vienna 7/22/2020

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This is the last chapter before my vacation.
If something unexpected happens, I will also report during vacation.
Otherwise, further news will be compiled from August 9, 2020.

Where have we ended up as a whole world?
Or are we still not there?

I would like to present to you a very good analysis in German total synchronization.
I recommend using the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.
For those who prefer to read the short description instead of watching the entire video, here are some conclusions:

In the first chapter from March 30th. I wrote: "I am against the claims that a group of people want to take over the world."
It was my belief at the time. I'm not so sure today.
Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Possible. Please read the Conspiracy practice.
11 facts that prove it is a global conspiracy.
There are also some in a video by Stefan Magnet Total Synchronization, link above.

How can I predict what will happen next?
Our future will be decided soon.
If we allow that, we will be forced into a totalitarian, technocratic system.
Do we really want that? Will we close our eyes when the neighbor is arrested for his statements?
Do we want just one truth that official sources have been tricking us into for four months?
Do we really forego diversity? Just because someone wants it?

I know what I'm talking about. I lived in such a totalitarian system for the first 30 years of my life. I definitely don't want to experience that again.
And you?

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

30. Mortality statistics in Germany

Vienna 7/27/2020

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I have just received the official death statistics in Germany.
Everyone can read and download the data from the Federal Statistical Office.
Mr. Hans Peter Fritz from Spain put together a good elaboration of this data.
Another proof of unsubstantiated scaremongering by the media and government.

Politicians don't stick to facts or logic.
It looks like the government is trying to prolong this panic as long as possible.
The normal flu wave comes in autumn, it is sold to us as the "second wave."

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

31. The television does not show you this

Vienna 8/4/2020

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A demonstration against the destruction of democracy and the deprivation of our civil rights took place in Berlin on Saturday, August 1st.
This over an hour video was accelerated to five minutes. The film was shot on one of the many streets that lead to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 17,000 demonstrators?

Only the initial title remains to be translated from German: August 1, 2020. Freedom Day. The entire march takes five minutes.

Why did I show this particular film?
Well, the German police and the world media announced that around 17,000 right-wing radicals and conspiracy theorists had taken part in the small demonstration in Berlin.

Some people remember communist rule behind an iron curtain. You get the thought that we already had something like that.
There was a totalitarian system and dependency on the USSR. And now?
The USSR ceased to exist, instead of this monstrosity, a group of very wealthy people appeared who decided to invest in a plandemic to become even richer.

According to the organizers, 1.3 million people took part in the demonstration. Do you see for yourself who is closer to the truth?

During the demonstration, the police entered the scene and prohibited the previously allowed demonstration.
Several people were arrested. The reason was that the demonstrators did not comply with the mask regulation and kept their distance. It was this demonstration that was against these orders.

I chose another short film so that you can judge for yourself what kind of "extremists" or crazy conspiracy theorists have appeared in this demonstration.

Despite the arrests, the demonstration continued until late at night.
Chancellor Merkel must have been seriously concerned that this ruthless propaganda of fear was not as effective as she thought.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

32. Berlin on August 29th, 2020

Vienna 8/14/2020

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Before I tell you about the planned second large demonstration in Berlin, I would like to mention a document from the Swiss Confederation Swissmedic on the PCR test on which all this viral hysteria is based.

This document is in German.
On the second page of this document there is a paragraph titled PCR / NAT:

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a NAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology) method, modern molecular biology, to convert nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) present in a sample to be reproduced in vitro and then to be detected with suitable detection systems.
However, the detection of the nucleic acid does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the presence of an infectious pathogen.
This can only be done by means of a virus detection and an increase in the cell culture.

It was clearly written that the detection of a fragment of the pathogen gives no reason to draw a conclusion about its presence in the body of the tested person!
This is how tests are carried out all over the world. In Germany, around 60,000 such tests are done every day on working days. Much more in the US.

Every positive result is reported in the media as a new case of illness or, at best, as a newly infected person.
Neither one nor the other is true. Not just because it says so in the document described above. You can read details about this here.

Apparently the test package insert also states that it is not suitable for diagnostic use.
I did not find such a document. I haven't been tested and I don't want it at all. Everyone who is tested has the right to request this information.

Let us now come back to the demonstration in Berlin.
As you know, the media reported over 17,000 participants, and the organizers, 1,3 million. As always, the truth lies in the middle. The calculations of Internet users, the analysis of the average density of people per square meter and the available space, are between 300,000 and 700,000, depending on the method used.
The documented fact, the sale of bus tickets to Berlin for only two companies, involved more than 50,000 people.
Participants from other countries were present.

The media also reported that right-wing extremist groups, esotericists and, these must not be missing in the press, conspiracy theorists were present at the demonstration.
On August 8, a high-ranking police officer who was serving in Berlin on August 1 appeared in Augsburg for a local demonstration with several thousand participants.
His words: "As a police officer I have seen many demonstrations, but never so peaceful!".

The decision to end the demonstration on August 1st has been challenged in court.

An interesting detail: During the demonstrations, the German police banned the sale of water to the demonstrators in the middle of summer.
The demonstration was well organized. Those who have been there will never forget this wonderful atmosphere full of friendliness and without artificial political, religious or racial divisions.

On Saturday, August 29th, a new, perhaps even larger, peaceful demonstration in defense of the basic rights of citizens will be registered in Berlin. Demonstration not just for Germany, for the whole world.
Groups from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the USA and many other countries declare their participation.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.
You do not need to enter your email address.
It limits my ability to respond to such contact.
However, if the topic fits this blog, also as a criticism, I will publish it and answer it.

33. Demonstration in Berlin

Berlin 8/29/2020 and Vienna 8/31/2020

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I came to Berlin alone on Friday evening. My son decided to protest in Vienna.

My most important feeling is the atmosphere among a large crowd of people. Whoever you speak to, everyone is ready to exchange a few sentences with you. It doesn't matter what you look like, what language you speak, what political views you have, what color you are or what religion you are. We all had one thing in common: the freedom of each of us was threatened.

I've talked to a lot of people. They were always nice, interested in where I come from and what I do.

How many people were there? I can't answer this question exactly, if only because I couldn't even see everyone from a distance. I can only guess. In my opinion, between two and four million people came to the demonstration that day. It's possible that I unconsciously doubled the number of participants if I wanted as many of us as possible.
Here you can form an opinion about the number of participants in the demonstration.

I took a lot of photos and some short videos. You can find everything here.

Some of you don't even know that Robert F. Kennedy Junior spoke at the demonstration.
Yes, he's the same one who has been fighting the pharmacological mafia for years. His speech.

I was not just an observer at this demonstration. I applied to the Björn Group to passively but effectively protect the weakest from possible aggression by the police or militants if necessary.
Björn is a math and physics teacher. He made many videos on YouTube in which he himself presented the more difficult elements of these two teachings in an accessible way.
You can find out what we did there in German directly from Björn.

I recommend using the possibility of including English subtitles on foreign-language YouTube videos.
Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

34. Who Believes in a Pandemic?

Vienna 9/10/2020

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That's right, the question is who believes in it?
Some believe in it and some don't.

This is no longer an issue that the scientific community deals with. Nobody asks scientists. Why then?
It is sufficient to show "the increasing cases of Covid-19 patients" on television.
They are not real coronavirus cases. It's not even the number of people infected. These are only positive results from an unvalidated PCR test. The only thing that really increased exponentially is the number of tests.
The number of people infected has not increased since April. However, this must be represented correctly.
The number of positive test results per 100,000 tests alone is an honest statement. Otherwise we can only speak of a new religion.
In this file you will find reliable statistics for many countries in the world.

What's wrong with the world's most famous philanthropist?

I checked what amounts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donated to the World Health Organization in March 2020.

I found three money orders. Here you are:

1.Purpose: to support global COVID-19 detection and response by leveraging GISRS platform for sentinel surveillance in low and middle income countries in WHO AFRO, SEARO, and EMRO regions Pneumonia $ 1.478.040,00

2. Purpose: to provide technical and management staff and required support for the Pakistan/Afghanistan Polio Hub Polio $ 2.723.364,00

3. Purpose: to allow WHO to build surge capacity to detect and respond to COVID-19. Research and Learning Opportunities $ 7.000.000,00

So if you skip the polio donation, he donated more than $ 8 million in March, für das Coronavirus. Not to fight the coronavirus, but for it. That should be clear by now. If he promotes vaccination like that.
"... because until we vaccinate almost everyone in the world, we will still not live normally again..." say Bill Gates in a television interview in April.
So this gentleman - a bad programmer - decides what people all over the world will be vaccinated with. It seems the only argument is his money.

Bill Gates is certainly not acting alone. To make such big changes on such a scale will require investments well beyond the resources of the world's second richest person.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

35. How long will it take?

Vienna 9/19/2020

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Well, the role of the prophet is not what I like. A little speculation won't hurt, however.

How long? The answer to such questions is usually, "It depends ..."
But I am not looking for support. I will respond with quotes from those responsible (???) in the relevant positions.

1. Head of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus „Coronavirus pandemic could be over within two years”. August 2020.

2. Bill Gates famous "vaccination specialist": Coronavirus pandemic will end 'for the rich world' by late 2021.

3. Marek Wojcik little known electronics engineer: The pandemic doesn't need to end because it didn't start at all.
If politicians in most countries in the world have made a mistake, it is a lame business. Politicians don't know how and don't want to admit their mistakes. They will be caught up in absurd lies - because they are best at it.
We can only end this stalemate from below. Peaceful protests show what politicians fear.
The situation will only return to normal when politicians are more afraid of us, than we are of the virus ...

That's why I'm going to a peaceful demonstration of lateral thinkers in Vienna today.

I was in "good company". However, my prognosis is very different from the other two.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

36. Mask protection or muzzle?

Vienna 9/21/2020

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Probably nothing shared us more than the problem of the mask.

The mask protects against the virus, but certainly not. Much scientific research has been done on this subject.
The German virologist Professor Sucharit Bhakdi made a good, logical argument in his bestseller "Corona - false alarm?":

"Corona virus size: 160 nanometers (0.16 micrometers), size "pores" in simple cotton masks 0.3 micrometers.
The virus flies through conventional masks or cloth mouth and nose covers as if through an open window."

Statistics from many countries also show that the introduction of a mask requirement in April did not affect the course of the plandemic.


So much for the logical arguments against wearing a mask.

You would ask: are there other arguments?
Yes there are some - emotional ones. Mainly based on fear. But not only. There are concerns for other people too.
As you can see, such arguments can have a powerful impact on people as the vast majority of people wear masks and many of these people want to convince those who do not want to wear them to change their behavior.

I will give you an example that I myself saw last Saturday at the demonstration in Vienna against the anti-coronavirus measures introduced.
I recorded videos to post on YouTube.
While I was recording a lawyer’s speech about the work of the Austrian Constitutional Court, two young girls appeared before me.
I asked one of them to step back while she was between me and the stage. They both stood facing back - I didn't know they were wearing masks.


You can see this scene from 9:08 onwards in this video. They turned and the one I lightly touched on the shoulder screamed: "You kill people!"
They weren't aggressive - they were very excited.
Although they appear to have been driven by fear of the coronavirus, they have shown great courage to step into the "lions den" which they believe poses a threat to public health.
This example shows how successful mass propaganda in the media has been and still is.

I want to make it clear here that, as proponents of logical argument willingly say, people who are driven by emotion are not stupid at all.
You would define yourself as empathetic people.
If we want to convince such people, we will certainly fail if we accuse them of stupidity.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

37. Tombstone

Vienna 9/23/2020

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On May 15, the German press reported that unknown persons were placing a tombstone in front of Merkel's constituency office.

In fact, such a tombstone appeared in the city of Stralsund in Vorpommern-Rügen, where the constituency of Angela Merkel is located.
The article communicated indignantly about the event without posting a photo of this tombstone.
I was able to get this photo and make up for this press neglect. Let me show you what it looked like:


On the tombstone you can read:

Freedom of the press
Freedom of speech
Freedom of movement
Freedom of assembly

Yesterday the German press reported on the Federal Cross of Merit for Virologists Drosten because "the Berlin virologist had provided important and globally recognized findings on the corona infection process and communicated this to the public in innovative formats.".

Mr Drosten made himself known during the 2009 swine flu plan. He was the first to "calculate" and publicly announce how many millions of people would die from this plague.
Even then, the federal government recognized him as the only credible expert.
It was only thanks to the determined action of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, this joke has been stopped. It ended with the European Parliamentary Committee recognizing swine flu as a minor disease.

In January, Mr. Drosten developed a test based on PCR technology and donated it to the World Health Organization. Because of the "acute situation", the WHO recommended using this test to diagnose patients. This is how the hysteria known as the coronavirus began.

I would like to emphasize that such a test has not yet been approved and, based on scientific knowledge, can only be used for research purposes. Under no circumstances should it be used for diagnostic purposes.
So far, around 300 PCR tests for coronaviruses have been developed worldwide, which only differ in the code sequence of part of the virus code. However, the code for this supposedly dangerous mutation has not yet been isolated so that such a test could be created.

It was Mr. Drosten who came up with the source in March of fear in the German press.
"It would be expected with 278,000 corona deaths in Germany"
Every country has its own Mr. Drosten

Drosten is the only "expert" that the government, the Chancellor, can trust in the implementation of this plandemic.

In connection with the awarding of the cross to Mr. Drosten, the lyrics of the Falco song a Titanic fall to me:

"The Titanic sinks in panic
But the band played on and on
They all heard the SOS
But no one knew where she had gone
The Titanic sinks in panic
She'll go down in history
'Cause the unsinkable Titanic's
Decadence in mystery"

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

38. Charity

Vienna 10/1/2020

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There are people who have made it their goal to help others. Sounds good, right?
Indeed it is. If there wasn't a "but".
Help Yes, but not against the will of the beneficiaries.

There is a serious problem here. The help imposed usually turns into a nightmare for those who do not want such help.
In this way the governments of most countries in the world are trying to "protect" us from an imaginary plague.
I am convinced that most of these rulers are well aware of the baselessness of the arguments behind this situation.

If any of the readers are still not sure whether this is a major fake then I invite you to read my previous chapters.

If you look at the current statistics, you can see that there is no basis for hysteria.

This is the media and political plandemy. Based on brazen manipulation.

At first glance, the politicians appear corrupt. It would be the simplest explanation, but it doesn't have to be that way.
After all, the rulers who rule during this imaginary plague could not have wished for a better situation.

  1. In March the opposition supported all countermeasures against this plandemy.
  2. You can rule society with the ordinances of the Minister of Health. Even if these ordinances are unconstitutional.
  3. The constitutional right of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of expression can be blocked.
  4. It is possible to impose the pointless wearing of masks, despite scientific evidence that masks are harmful to health and cannot stop viruses.
  5. Bills that normally have no chance of being passed in parliament are drafted quickly and hardly anyone is against it.
  6. Governments have unlimited amounts of money. This, of course, will lead to massive inflation.

In most countries, governments insist on a pandemic because they are familiar with it.

In our world, when a politician admits a mistake with common sense, he is immediately attacked by opponents. As if these opponents never made a mistake in their life.
Sure, only politicians can use such mistakes to their advantage.
And here we come to the cause of the situation:
A politician doesn't learn from mistakes because he just doesn't make them.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

39. Death under the mask

Vienna 10/2/2020

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What are these masks supposed to protect us from? Certainly not from the virus.
In September 2020, three children wearing masks died in Germany.

"The public reacted in shock to the news of the death of a 13-year-old girl in a school bus in Büchelberg, Germany. The young student was wearing a corona protective mask when she suddenly collapsed and died a little later in the hospital. The autopsy is said to have not produced a clear result - since then there has been no further information from the authorities.
On September 11th, the newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz" reported on the results of the forensic medical examination. Respectively there was nothing to report, because the autopsy did not provide a clear result on the cause of death. In return, the public prosecutor's office said that the "more detailed investigations" would take a longer time. We don't know of many cases where an autopsy takes three weeks or more, but we do take note of the medical opinion of the public prosecutor's office. The medically unsafe Wikipedia writes: "Depending on the cause of death and the complexity, an autopsy usually takes two to three hours, at most four hours."

Here is the source in German.

"Collapsed and passed away
According to a newspaper article, the delegates of the district assembly in Germersheim learned of the shocking news on Monday evening. According to the police, there should be a medical emergency on the bus at Büchelberg at around 1:45 p.m. Accordingly, the 13-year-old is said to have been in a moderately filled school bus with about 32 passengers (all of whom had a seat) on the house when she suddenly passed out on her seat. The student was still reanimated, but despite the emergency doctor and admission to a Karlsruhe hospital, the girl died. "When the news reached us during the district assembly, the consternation among the members of the committee was visibly great. Our thoughts and our sympathy go to the relatives, bereaved and friends of the girl, "said Germersheim's District Administrator Fritz Brechtel after the meeting. Karlsruhe public prosecutor's office determined.
The exact cause of death of the student should now be determined. According to media reports, the Karlsruhe public prosecutor expects first findings about the cause of death in a week at the earliest. As a spokesman said, the investigative authorities have requested an autopsy. According to the authorities, there is no evidence of third-party debt."

Here is the source in German.

"3. dead child because of the mask.
On Monday, September 28th, 2020, a 6-year-old girl from near Schweinfurt collapsed unconscious on her way home in the school bus, also wearing a mouth and nose covering. She sagged onto the student sitting next to her, who began to scream loudly. The bus driver stopped and put the girl in the aisle of the bus and unfortunately left the mask on the girl and called 112 on her cell phone.
The ambulance came and only then took off the mask and IMMEDIATELY supplied the child with oxygen and took them to the clinic. From there, the parents were informed, who arrived a short time later and remained seated by the child's bed, waiting for the child to wake up again. The child died that evening without regaining consciousness ...
According to the attending doctor, who phoned the parents' pediatrician, there was no previous illness and after his own examination informed the parents that it was a matter of “CO2 poisoning” and thus the doctor ticked the “unnatural cause of death” !
Then a second examination (autopsy) of the child is being carried out in forensic medicine. Already in the morning the girl no longer wanted to take the bus to school because she always felt sick and could not breathe much. She reported days before that she saw “flickering images”, but she was never allowed to take off the mask. The first grade student complained about the side effects of the mask after just one week of school. Before starting school, the parents bought the girl a particularly “pretty” mouth and nose cover, as it had to be worn in class and physical education! ... school enrollment was only a few days ago!
The information comes from the best friend of the mother of the child concerned."

Here is the source in German.

This news has been referred to as fake news in the mainstream media.
Official media, as always, distort reality.

Only the parents and teachers who force children to wear a mask are responsible for the health consequences. You can also be charged.
A ministerial order is not accepted as an excuse.

75 years ago there was a precedent in which the defendants were punished and the orders from above were not classified as an extenuating circumstance.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

40. How can you change the world?

Vienna 10/4/2020

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What kind of world do we want to change?
A valid question.

At this point in time we have 7,816,211,000 people on earth and the same number of worlds.

Each of us creates our own world. Also newborns or people with health disabilities.

What you call the world is a product of your experiences, ideas, emotions, and even sometimes, albeit extremely rarely, facts.

Such an attitude will upset many people. After all, the world physically exists and there is only one!
It's true, but this world is different for each of us.
People who consider themselves victims of chance see the world their own way. People who can take responsibility for what happens around them see the same world completely differently.
Taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame. It just means that such people look for ways in themselves and in their behavior that they can influence what happens.

And here we come to our question: How can you change the world?
In such a context, there can only be one answer: you should change your own perception of the world.

You ask what if I see this world differently? After all, "mean" politicians will stay mean, and Bill Gates won't stop planning how to make money from vaccines?
Right, but ...
Well what's going to change? Maybe we will agree on a common politician on one point, maybe we will actively join the protests against the senseless and very harmful decisions of politicians?
If we can convince more people that the COVID-19 vaccine is not the right solution, Bill Gates will eventually stock 7 billion vaccines. Except for the ones he's already sold.
Guess at what price does he have to get rid of this "miracle cure", which has been tested quickly, how his Windows has been tested and whose complicity is an imaginary threat?

That is why it is so important that we inform ourselves and convince others.
I agree, it's not that easy - but we want to change the world.
If it were easy, the world would change every day. I mean this one, objective world.

I have discussions by commenting on some YouTube videos. One user just wrote:

Have been trying for years, but most people (95%+) are not bothered and choose to get their 'news' and 'truth' from the propagandists. Maybe I just have an 'aura' people don't resonate with ...

Maybe it's aura matter, I don't know.
Yesterday I learned at a demonstration in Vienna that 91% of the population in Austria do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Austria already has 8 million vaccines from the famous vaccinologist.
I also have information that on July 25th, 55% of people in Germany were against this vaccination.
Source in German.

As this article shows, "conspiracy theorists" have a major influence on this attitude in society.
"Conspiracy theorists" is a poorly chosen word, we are the ones pointing out the influence of conspiracy practitioners on our lives.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

41. Class action

Vienna 10/9/2020

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My previous belief was that the German people are among the most obedient peoples.
The story of the Nazis' rise to power in the 1930s made a compelling argument for me.
How easy it is to get confused by such generalizing judgments!

Today the German community is most active worldwide in the movement to defend freedom and to find the truth. It is the Germans who tirelessly repeat over and over again, we cannot repeat the mistake of this dark story.

Probably only a few people know that an extra-parliamentary corona investigation committee was set up in Germany in July of this year.

The commission heard from many experts.
The commission consists of doctors, journalists and four lawyers.
This committee works among others Dr. Reiner Füllmich. He is a lawyer in Germany and California, USA. Source.

Actions for damages.

A class action lawsuit against three people is about to open in the US:
  1. Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten - virologist at the Charité hospital in Berlin. He was an advisor to the federal government during the swine flu season and is now also the main expert on whose advice the Angela Merkel Chancellors are based. Both 10 years ago during the swine flu and now, he is the author of apocalyptic predictions of a pandemic.
    He is the inventor of the PCR test, whose or imitations are used worldwide without justification to diagnose COVID-19 patients.
  2. Prof. Dr. Lothar H. Wieler - Head of the RKI at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. He banned the autopsy of coronavirus victims. He is also an advisor to the federal government.
  3. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - Head of WHO. In March, he declared a pandemic for no scientific reason and recommended the use of a PCR test, which has yet to be tested and approved.

The lawsuit is based on false claims that this test is sufficient evidence of coronavirus infection.The PCR test is used worldwide and the results are mostly incorrect.
There is ample evidence that this test is not suitable for diagnostic purposes. However, there is no evidence that this test can be used to diagnose infections in patients.

Preparations for the trial are underway. In the first step, access a US court on the knowledge of the class action.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

42. The Bavarian Prime Minister knew about the corona pandemic in May 2019?

Vienna 10/14/2020

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After a tip from YouTuber, I found something interesting on the official website of the Bavarian State Chancellery.
More than a year ago the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance was authorized due to the special corona pandemic fund to credit up to € 20,000,000,000 - € 20 billion euro! - to include.
So there was a special corona pandemic fund in May of the previous year.
The document was recorded on May 24, 2019 and is valid from January 1, 2020.
If the document can no longer be accessed, I saved this page.

Mr. Söder has secured a lot of money for the plandemic in Bavaria.

Vienna 10/15/2020

Today I heard the news that the Bavarian Prime Minister has commented on this matter.
It turned out that this page was captured later than stated - that is, after the WHO declared a pandemic.
Why was the wrong date given? It hasn't been resolved.
Therefore, the Prime Minister was not informed of the coronavirus before the pandemic broke out ...

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

43. The third day of protest in Thailand

Vienna 10/20/2020

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Mass protests against the health dictatorship began in Thailand on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Recorded on Sunday at 8 p.m.

Yesterday, too, peaceful demonstrations against the restriction of freedom continued under the pretext of protecting our health.

Protests in Thailand on October 18 at 5 p.m..

Protests in Thailand on October 19th at 10 p.m..

Protests in Thailand today October 20th at 2pm.

This Saturday, October 24th, the International Freedom March will take place in Warsaw Poland. From noon under the seat of the Prime Minister's office al. Ujazdowskie 1/3.

See you in Warsaw.

Demonstration in Bangkok:

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

44. Freedom March Warsaw

Vienna 10/27/2020

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Before I report on the events in Warsaw, I would like to tell you about another demonstration that I witnessed, which is also very important.
On Friday, October 23rd, around 9 p.m. in Żoliborz / Warsaw, I encountered a large protest march against the decision of the Constitutional Court to ban abortion.
I wasn't prepared, so I recorded this march on my cell phone.I chose a short seven-minute film. The entire march I witnessed lasted about an hour in this location.
The video is not the best quality, but you can get an idea of the extent of the protests.
I don't know Warsaw - if I'm not mistaken, I filmed the march along Adam Mickiewicz Street.

According to my estimates, there were around 300,000 to 500,000 people around me.
It's worth noting that I came to this place when a lot of people were already passing by. I don't know when this march began.
Given the number of participants, it was an incomparably larger protest than the next day's freedom march.
Both protests were about restricting civil rights to determine their own fate.

On Saturday, October 24th, I arrived at Defilad Square half an hour before the scheduled start. I've found a new starting point on the internet.
The enormous number of police officers was immediately apparent.
As I later found out, there were about 2,000 police officers gathered there.
Around 10,000 people gathered from unofficial discussions with the police and according to the organizers.
I recorded a video that I posted on bittube.tv.

Protestmarsch Warschau Teil 1
Protestmarsch Warschau Teil 2
Protestmarsch Warschau Teil 3

I couldn't film everything that was important.
In my film, you don't see the provocateurs throwing stones and bottles at the police.
None of the demonstrators joined the aggression.
As far as I know, the police did not arrest any of these throwers.
We are a peace movement and such actions can only harm the struggle for freedom.


During the period of martial law in Poland (1982), I also took part in demonstrations, but also did not throw anything at the ZOMO units.

Although I took part in a legal, peaceful demonstration against the lawlessness, I was arrested along with 120 others.

I was released after 25 hours. The additional hour resulted from the changeover to winter time.

I would like to emphasize that the police were neutral towards me and other detainees.On the other hand, there was a feeling of sympathy. Not necessarily to support our activities.
I think the people who dealt with criminals every day didn't really know how to treat us.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

45. What happened to the world

Vienna 10/29/2020

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You are probably fed up with all the statistics, evidence for and against, and the coronavirus itself. We all feel that way.
Still, I dare to make a comparison. What is the situation like in the five selected countries? These are Austria, Belarus, Germany, Poland and Sweden.


This information comes from this website.

Three countries: Austria, Germany and Poland do much worse in this comparison than Belarus and Sweden. What could be the reason for this?
Perhaps the measures in these three countries are a "threat" and in the other two countries the absence of such restrictions is protecting society?
Everyone should think about it for themselves.

In my first chapter on March 30th, I wrote: "I am against the claims that a group of people wants to take over the world.".

Today I believe on the contrary - there is a group of people who want to submit all of humanity so that we can obey their commands.
If, as I first thought, it was a scam on a global scale, it would be a bit of a problem for us. But there is more to it than that. It's about power over the world.
In addition to the 11 facts that were presented in the chapter on "Conspiracy Practice" in June, new information comes from Paul Schreyer's book "Chronicle of an announced crisis. How a virus could change the world".
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the high-ranking American military felt threatened. They knew they were no longer necessary.
At this point, the media began to raise the issue of the exaggerated threat of terrorism.
I don't know whether the attack on the World Trade Center was supported by the CIA, although there are some who say they have evidence of it.
In any case, civil liberties in the USA were already severely restricted under the pretext of counter-terrorism.
An organization was founded 20 years ago in the USA, initially under the name Center of Civilian Biodefense Studies (from 1998 to 2013), then under the Center for Heath Security.
This organization was the driving force behind the planemia exercises I have described for Event 201, a few weeks before the pandemic was announced.
Similar exercises have been carried out every two years since 2001.

I recommend the book.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

46. USA. Watermarks on ballot papers

Vienna 11/6/2020

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What do watermarks have to do with the US elections?
Some people may know that watermarks are placed on official ballot papers for security reasons. This is done to make it harder to forge documents.
Nothing special. This is affixed to banknotes and important documents.

On the day of the election, d. H. On Tuesday, November 3rd, I received news that US President Donald Trump had secretly added additional watermarks to prevent abuse by those who can duplicate these standard watermarks.
This information has not been verified by other sources so I have not published it.
Today, however, an interview with Dr.Steve Potasnik, one of the insiders about secret measures against electoral fraud, appeared in the Telegram.
Given that the official media are silent about election fraud, don't expect any news on TV about these scams.

Yesterday I saw an interview with Donald Trump for German television on YouTube. Trump said in English, of course, "We will not allow illegal votes to be recognized in these elections". The German translator said that "Trump suspends the vote".

I want to point out that, personally, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I disagree with many of his decisions. However, that does not mean that I am indifferent to the situation when the US elections were clearly rigged.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

47. Information war

Vienna 11/8/2020

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Have you wondered what the US elections described in the previous chapter have to do with the topic of this blog?
Information war is the common denominator.

The vast majority of the US public media is in the hands of the Democrats. Trump's opponents are the main sponsors or owners of the largest companies in the media industry.
It's similar here in Europe. Because of this, most of us consider Donald Trump to be a rough cowboy who should take care of cows in Texas...
And yet little is known to us because the media are silent about it, the other side of the coin.
In four years, Trump ended seven wars, most of which were initiated by his predecessor, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama.
Do you know a politician who kept all of his election promises? Probably not, but you already know, because the current US President was the only statesman I know does just that.
Sure, I don't support all of these promises. Maybe I see it too one-sided, but the construction of the wall in the border region with Mexico reminds me too much of a divided Berlin.
However, the way he got the money for it was exceptional!

Despite the media's announcement of the new president, despite many heads of state around the world congratulating Trump's opponents on his future presidency, Trump has not yet lost the election.
I wouldn't advise underestimating this man, many have already.
I am curious to see how many people in Europe know what really happened in the US in connection with these elections?
I fear few. Only those who looked for information on the subject themselves.
This is because there is an information war going on in the public media.

This war didn't start in March. Manipulation of information is a constant measure of influencing public opinion.
Hardly anyone remembers what was written about Saddam Hussein and his truly inhuman dictatorship.
Does anyone remember the weapons of mass destruction in their armories? Does anyone remember a girl crying at the US Congress in 1990?
It later emerged that it was Nayirah as-Sabah, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, who described the "crimes" of Iraqis killing babies in Kuwait. You can find information on this here.
At the time, it was about influencing public opinion to accept the impending attack on Iraq.

It's an old story you will say. True, but not the only one. During the war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, public opinion was deliberately turned against the Serbs.
Sure, they weren't without guilt either, but there were other sides to the conflict.
World opinion, however, was oriented: the Serbs were black and the rest were white. However, life has more colors and shades.

But let's get back to current events. The outbreak of the media plan in March led to a significant increase in media manipulation.
It continues to this day. We are deliberately misled to trigger the desired behavior.

Today I was at the next peaceful demonstration in Vienna in front of the opera house.
I have prepared two videos of this protest for you. For the first time, the Vienna police broke up a legal demonstration against unjustified restrictions.

Against the Corona madness part 1
Against the Corona madness part 2

This protest was peaceful and no different from the previous ones.
Of course there were different speeches than before, but nothing happened that could give the police a basis for breaking up the demonstration.
Despite the fact that the organizers repeatedly informed the police that the orders of the Austrian authorities had been rejected by the constitutional court in German, Police continued to make participants wear masks...

A team from Austrian ORF television appeared during the demonstration. The protesters began to chant "We are the people"! and the television crew, under unnecessary police protection, withdrew.
This is also the result of the information war.
My website is also involved in this. I have set myself the goal of providing reliable information about which the official media are silent.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

48. Who will be the 46th President of the USA?

Vienna 11/15/2020

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Information for those interested:
All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

They will say: It has already been announced who will be the next President of the United States.
That's right, CNN made that announcement a week ago. Since then, most of the media have been repeating this "message" like a mantra.

However, it is not the television networks that decide who wins the election.

You have probably read the chapters on censorship and media manipulation on this blog. Not much has changed. If anything, the manipulation was intensified and extended to other topics.
As I wrote earlier, I am not a supporter of Donald Trump's policies. On the other hand, I am a staunch advocate of fair treatment for everyone - including, and perhaps especially, those with whom we disagree.

As Voltaire said: "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

I am the enemy of censorship. I think if someone preaches nonsense, they plunge into it.
Of course, the slander and humiliation of people common in today's media have no justification. However, this has nothing to do with censorship.

Unfortunately, this is the way to deal with the US President. The press accuses him of not being able to lose. In a situation where it is not known who will actually win the election.
The elections will not end until the final and official result is announced, not the media result.
You will say that Biden got over 300 electoral votes after all. 270 is enough to become President of the USA.
Well, none of the candidates has received a single electoral vote so far. It is part of the complicated and very old electoral system in the US.

For those who want to know more about it, I have an opinion from Rudy Giuliani - Donald Trump's lawyer.

So what can we do? Just don't let yourself be manipulated. Let's wait for the official election results.
We will save ourselves a lot of disappointment with the extent of the global media lie.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

49. Freedom

Vienna 11/17/2020

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Information for those interested:
All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

What will people say twenty years from now about what happened in the world in 2020?
Viruses, masks, PCR tests, fear or overcrowded hospitals? Or maybe the US elections?
I very much doubt. They talk about the most important thing - this year the most precious thing was taken from us - freedom.

How many people gave their lives in the past so that we could live freely? And we just sit at home because it's safer that way.

It is not without reason that we compare the current situation with the process of Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s. How does our silence differ from that of the majority of German society in the face of the brutal actions of the Nazis? There would be no World War II if the people opposed the fascist dictatorship at a time when it was not strong enough to institute terror.
Can't you see how many countries in the world are introducing fascism step by step? Yes, this is fascism that we deal with more and more every day.

If anyone has any doubts, I present the facts:

  1. Freedom of expression. In the fascist system it was not possible to express oneself freely about the political situation. Only propaganda supporters were allowed to speak. Anyone who has a different opinion today is defamed as a conspiracy theorist, foil writer, etc.
  2. Freedom of assembly. We can still participate in the protests, but is it really that? Why was I only arrested in Warsaw for taking part in a legal and peaceful demonstration against the government's illegal activities?
  3. Freedom of movement. Do we have that? What can we expect after our return from USA, Madrid or Croatia? House arrest.
  4. Physical integrity.We don't have to be vaccinated?
  5. Freedom of conscience and religion. Stolen Easter and a shaky Christmas. And a church that supports these restrictions.
  6. Freedom of artistic creation, teaching, research and use of cultural assets. No comment.
  7. Freedom and protection of communication secrecy. Maybe I mention something about the mobile application that monitors your contacts and people around you.
  8. Freedom to cultivate and develop the language, customs, traditions and culture. Can something develop if direct human contact with other people is prohibited?

This list contains the main constitutional freedoms of citizens. Do we still have them?
And how do you qualify a situation where most of the governments around the world are introducing unconstitutional regulations?
If the Constitutional Court rejects them because it has to, then no problem. On the second day a slightly modified new regulation appears, and this is how the cat and mouse game works.
This is how the dictatorship begins.

What can we do? Do you let everyone answer for themselves what is important to them in life?
Maybe just sit at home and wait for it to end?
It won't stop.
Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.
Benjamin Franklin.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

50. Who is stealing our world?

Vienna 11/28/2020

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Information for those interested:
All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

Who invented plandemic?
I have already given one of the possible answers to this question. I pointed out the vaccine industry - the biggest beneficiary of the plandemics.
Undoubtedly this branch of pharmacy is involved. However, if it were all about money, they would stop pursuing it, ruining the global economy and thereby limiting the payment options of future customers.
This doesn't mean the vaccine industry is guiltless here, but this story is too big for them. She is only an accomplice in a global crime - on a scale unprecedented in history - and a world political coup.

The plandemic has been in preparation for decades. It was announced more than 10 years ago by the swine flu pandemic.
This failed pandemic served as a test for these criminals. And they drew the right conclusions.
The most important of them was mastering the mass media - and thus influencing public opinion.
There is no doubt that they made it. The undisputed proof of this is the unanimous propaganda of the media and the total censorship of information that is inconsistent with their line.
They are also applying this measure to US President Donald Trump standing in their way.

Have you heard of the term "Big Reset"?
Annual World Economic Forum conferences take place in the Swiss city of Davos.

So who is behind this?
Certainly a group of very rich people. They invested billions of dollars to take over television stations, radio stations, and the press. Similar amounts have been used to corrupt politicians, scientists, and organizations around the world such as WHO and CDC. Not all politicians had to be bribed. For some, the promise that they would have power in a country where there would be no more elections was enough.
The fact that a new world government, not democratically elected, would stand over them has likely been passed over in silence.

How else can it be declared in most countries of the world without any basis for unconstitutional government ordinances?
How can one explain the behavior of the police in supposedly democratic countries?
In Belarus, according to the Süddeutscher Zeitung, the security forces used water cannons against the crowd on October 11th.
On November 18, the Berlin police "sprayed" the demonstrators during a peaceful demonstration in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
Needless to say, the demonstrators did not give the police the slightest reason to use the water cannons.
All acts of violence were carried out exclusively by security forces.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

51. Money

Vienna 12/02/2020

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Information for those interested:
All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

Don't talk about money - so I write.
Economic question:
What happens when money is printed on a large scale while the number of products and services on the market is limited?
There can only be one answer - inflation. The laws of the economy are inexorable. It starts with rising prices. Well, we've had it before. But we also had minor price cuts.
If, at the same time, more and more companies go bankrupt and people lose their jobs, this will reduce production and thus further increase prices. If the state counteracts this by printing new money, we will get hyperinflation.
I'm not an economist and I don't express myself professionally, but the effect will be just that.

Most experts say that hyperinflation will come next year in 2021.
It is estimated that around 25% of companies in the world will cease to exist once the legal protections that allow them not to file for bankruptcy if the company becomes insolvent ends.

People who have managed to save money are already converting it into precious metals, crypto currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) or buying shares in companies such as Amazon or Google.

And how has the situation among the richest people in the world changed this year?


Please note that US billion in Europe equals,00 $.

As you can see, all of them without exception increased their asset from March 28, 2020. First place was taken without changes by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. He made an additional $ 75 billion.
Our philanthropist Bill Gates fell from second to third place after he managed to increase his fortune by "only" $ 21 billion.
He was overtaken by Elon Musk - the owner of Tesla electric cars and space travel, the owner of the SpaceX company.
It was Elon Musk who more than quadrupled his fortune during that time.
These billionaires don't have the money in their bank accounts. At least not much. Why? Because then wealth would decrease rather than increase due to inflation.
Bill Gates invests in the vaccine company, but not only. Nor does he despise the arms industry. As a proponent of eugenics, he influences the problem of overpopulation of the earth.

What is the problem with the introduction of virtual digital money and the end of the use of banknotes and coins?
Technically none. While such a change does not protect against inflation, it offers tremendous opportunities to control each of us.

I myself considered this protection of personal data to be a great exaggeration. I'm not a criminal and I don't care if anyone knows what coffee I'm drinking today?
Apparently, but when such a tremendous amount of information about each of us is gathered and stored for a lifetime or even longer, it opens up opportunities for abuse.
Personality theft - when someone else claims to be me - is a lot easier when you have all the information about when, where, and what I'm paying for.
See how easy it was a month ago to fabricate millions of bogus votes in the US election.

Vienna 1/19/2021

I received a message from Canada that the comparison I presented of the income of the richest people in the world is true, but ...
It is precisely this presentation of the facts that is no different from the state of "illness" and "infection" reported by the media.
This is best understood by looking at the S&P 500 course per year:


It follows that the date of March 18 was chosen to have the highest income of the richest without taking into account the huge loss just before that date.
In the end, these people got rich anyway, but not in the billions as I mentioned earlier.
Their ranking is well presented and does not need to be corrected.
I apologize for the misrepresentation.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

52. It starts, the vaccines are there.

Vienna 12/17/2020

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

Right now the Austrian media reported - an ORF article in German - that on December 27th a new era of "voluntary" vaccination for the European Union begins.

Some waited with hope for this moment, others with fear.
Will such scenes become our reality?
So as not to scare you too much, I'm going to introduce a milder version of voluntary vaccination.

I'm not going to convince anyone for or against vaccination. Everyone should make this decision for themselves.
Like most of the people I have spoken to on this subject, I am in favor of real freedom in making this decision.

I am not going to write about a new type of vaccine that has not been reliably tested for effectiveness and irreversible changes in genotype in such a short period of time.
If anyone is interested, I recommend the appropriate sources aboat vaccination and against.

However, I would like to consider one argument here. Vaccinated people, regardless of their illness, tend to convince and even force those to get vaccinated.
Aside from the arguments about the effectiveness of the vaccine or any side effects, the question arises: Since these people have self-vaccinated, they are safe from this disease. So why would they want these "unbelievers" to do it too?
Certainly not for your own safety - you are already safe. Perhaps that's why you should support your own insecure psyche by arguing that "everyone gets vaccinated"?
It's a psychological problem, not a medical one.

Today, December 18, 2020, I found a video of a nurse from Tennessee in USA, passing out minutes after receiving the vaccine.
It's not known if the cause was vaccine or carbon dioxide poisoning - a mask. Maybe these two reasons. In any case, the media say that vaccinated people are not exempted from wearing a mask.

John Lennon Imagine.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
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I don't argue, I discuss.

53. Washington 1/6/2021.

Wroclaw/Poland 1/3/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

I've already written about the US election twice.
This is a very important election that can determine the fate of the world.
Probably most of you will ask what else I can write about. It is clear who won the election.
Well, that's not so at all. This is what the corrupt media represent. And for most people, they are the only source of information.

However, it is sufficient to open up to other broadcasters such as Epoch Times or the German-language NTD Deutsch in order to receive information that remains carefully hidden from us.

For example, if there were elections in Germany and they were clearly deceived, even if the loser was a politician I hated, and there are many of them, I would defend the deceased and not be happy if he had disappeared for good.
Although I only considered the US president a recalcitrant Texan cowboy six months ago - probably thanks in large part to media coverage - I would be more cautious about such hasty judgments today. Democracy is not about destroying political opponents by all means.

But let's get back to the situation in the States. The mass media, also here in Europe, argue contrary to the obvious that Trump has provided no evidence of electoral fraud.
But the facts are different. The evidence is there, but no court in the United States has wanted to look into it. Nobody was interested in the evidence. All claims were simply dismissed on procedural grounds - not always in accordance with applicable law.
It seems that judges are simply afraid of politicians and succumb to pressure.

On January 6th, a joint parliamentary session of the two houses will be held in the Congress building in Washington to decide on these elections.

And what can we expect on this day besides boring parliamentary sessions? Well, these negotiations are by no means going to be boring. On the contrary, it promises to be one of the most interesting parliamentary sessions in US history.
More than twenty MPs from both parties have already announced that they will object to unfair elections in several US states. What will the results be, nobody knows yet?
Candidate Joe Biden doesn't know either.
Few people may be aware of a lawsuit brought against him by the Ukrainian government for the return of the $ 14 billion he received in bribes. The evidence is conclusive. Further criminal proceedings are pending against him and his son Hunter Biden.

But that is only a secondary issue. The US Congress will finally come up with evidence of the biggest electoral fraud in the history of the world.
These deliberations will be led by US Vice President Mike Pence. Yesterday he publicly announced that he intended to join the investigation into election fraud on November 3, 2020.
It takes 10 days to show evidence from Trump's lawyers! Yes, you read it right. It is the widely ignored testimony, material evidence, and expert testimony that make up such a large amount of evidence today..
There is also evidence of Mr. Biden's corruption there.
If the Vice President keeps his word, this session of the US Parliament will be the most tumultuous one in history. A couple of other records are likely to be broken.
It's only been a few days ...


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
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I don't argue, I discuss.

54. Where is Tiffany Dover?

Vienna 1/14/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

In chapter 57, I mentioned a nurse in Tennessee, USA, who had been vaccinated and appeared in front of television cameras. A few minutes later she passed out. At the end of the chapter "It starts, the vaccines are there", I presented a video about it.

Hours later she was interviewed and stated that she regularly lost consciousness from pain ...

And that was the last hint that she was among the living.
Her account on Facebook was deleted, she did not answer despite thousands of inquiries about her health on Instagram.
Before vaccination, she added a new photo on average every two days.
The hospital where she worked posted a short 20-second video with the nurses from that hospital, one of whom was supposed to be Tiffany Dover. She looks similar but is not the same woman.

You can watch three videos in German dealing with her fate after she passed out:
How to turn on English subtitles on YouTube?

Tiffany Dover part 1.
Tiffany Dover part 2.
Tiffany Dover part 3.

If these videos are no longer available on YouTube, you can watch them on my Bittube channel.

This is not the only fatal case. Almost every day the press reports that someone has died after being vaccinated. Journalists immediately know that the vaccine was not the cause of death.

Dacember 9th article Six people die during Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine trials.
January 5th article about a Portuguese nurse who died two days after being vaccinated..
January 9th article about a doctor in Miami, Florida.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
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I don't argue, I discuss.

55. Sweden 2020

Vienna 1/18/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

As you may have noticed, I have not presented evidence against a false pandemic for a long time.
I'm doing this because in my opinion the ones already presented will be enough.
Furthermore, I believe that this phenomenon was invented and used as an excuse to change our world.

In this chapter, however, I will make an exception and deal with the situation in Sweden. You can download all statistical information on this page by clicking on "Statistics 1/22/21" in the top menu. It's a PDF document.
All data on the C virus in Sweden come from the Eurostat website.
Why Sweden? Because this country has chosen a different way of responding to the plandemic. I will set out in points what happened in Sweden (the source is the statistics above).

In Sweden, wearing masks was not always compulsory - only if you wanted to.
There were also no mandatory tests for the C virus prior to admission to the hospital.
Shops, restaurants and cafes were not closed.
Sweden is also unfamiliar with the concept of short-term work due to a plandemic.
Economic problems only arose with companies that were dependent on production in lockdown countries.


To enlarge this image on PC, just click on it. On smartphones and tablets, you can zoom in the classic way with two fingers.
Here, in the last line, we see the death rate in Sweden from 2010 to 2020.
The last three weeks of 2020 were statistically forecast (extrapolated), as the data were not yet available at the time these statistics were published on 5.1.2021.
In this ranking, position 1 (2010) is the highest number of deaths. Rank 11 - 2019 - again marks the best year (lowest death rate) for Sweden.
The ranking takes population changes into account. The year 2020 was in 9th place after 2019 and 2018.
This means that last year was the third best year due to the low death rate over the past 11 years.
Remember, if someone tries to convince you that it was only thanks to the lockdown that they could avoid a greater tragedy.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

56. WHO

Vienna 1/27/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

The World Health Organization released this document on January 20, the day the new US President was sworn in.

It follows that the WHO is reinterpreting the results of the PCR test. It turned out that even this corrupt organization is no longer suggesting using the test itself as the sole basis for diagnosing coronavirus infection. It is recommended that a medical examination be performed in the event of a positive test result.

And here the "wonderful" theory of Mr. Christian Drosten (Germany) ended its life. The mainstream press does not use the title of professor for him because he does not have a doctoral thesis. Could he be a cheat?
According to his theory, the very dangerous and incredibly contagious form of COVID-19 is asymptomatic.

All over the world - including Sweden and Japan - the result of this test is practically the only criterion for a quarantine decision and, even worse, for statistical calculations that lead to a catastrophic lockdown.

A year ago, when the WHO declared a pandemic and recommended that governments use the PCR test worldwide, most countries followed suit.
Why is WHO making such changes to the narrative? We can only speculate here.

There are voices that the WHO wants to support the new US president and shows that the planning situation will improve under his presidency.
Malicious people claim that this is the way WHO is trying to extort more dollars from its benefactors like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
On occasion. Do you know who the greatest farmer is in the USA? Who owns most of the hectares in this country? Exactly, Mr. Bill Gates - famous vaccinologist.
It is said to be a good investment that, like precious metals, protects against the effects of inflation. It would be difficult to steal land from burglars.

Back to the WHO article. The credibility of the COVID-19 statistics is also questionable, as the PCR test itself is the only criterion for assessing whether the patient has this media disease or not.
It looks even worse with the mortality statistics. Here it is sufficient if the deceased achieves a positive result of this test within the last four weeks of life in order to die with or from a Covid. Even when he was the victim of an accident.
Why isn't this done for rubella, for example?
Discrimination against diseases and the tendency to unfairly inflate Covid statistics are clearly visible.

Do you like to play with bubble wrap?


You are releasing the air out of China! folie

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
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I don't argue, I discuss.

57 World bankruptcy

Vienna 1/29/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

Where does this bizarre title come from? Because I prefer to call things what they deserve.
The theme of this chapter will be the planned bankruptcy of the world, euphemistically called the Great Reset.
So this term great resets is just a big cassation or a really big bankruptcy.

Most economists have been warning of the world's excessive indebtedness for years.
Debt is either on the micro-private bank lending scale, or on the macro-government debt scale.

What really happens when Mr. Smith goes to the bank for a loan?
The bank checks the chances of loan repayment (sometimes it doesn't even do so) and transfers the loan amount to Mr. Smith's account after the contract is signed.
Where does the bank get this money for a loan from? You will likely say that this is the money of the customers who have made deposits with this bank or are keeping money in their own accounts.
Nothing could be more wrong - this loan money is purely virtual. Banks have the right to transfer amounts specified in banking law and create new money out of nothing.
That's right, that money has no market coverage for new goods or services.

Since this has been around for a long time, why is there no inflation, on the contrary, the interest rate is close to zero and sometimes even below?
This is due to the surplus of goods on the market and the deflationary policies of the World Banks, including the FED.

And now the question arises: how long?
Don't expect an exact answer from me - I don't have a crystal ball and even if I did I couldn't use it.
However, I have information from people who have extensive business knowledge. The range of predictions made by these people is incredibly broad.
From assumptions that the economy will return to normal in 2021 and catch up on losses quickly (these are mostly experts who assist governments), to those who say there will be runaway inflation, restrictions on bank withdrawals and a There must be a ban on trading in gold, etc.
So we have two extreme positions and the actual course of events should be somewhere in between. Yes but...

This is where Mr. Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum come into play.

You might be interested in what is published on their websites? Take a quote like this:

"Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, "our city". I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes."

It is a utopian vision of an incorrigible supporter of the disease known as communism. According to the rule: you will be happy if you have nothing. This is nothing new, the elders who remember the times of communism know it. Many generations have gone through this experience in the 20th century. The most radical and still functioning system is North Korean communism with concentration camps and uniform clothing for everyone.
Many have already forgotten what Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not going to write anything against the left - that's not the topic.
When a conservative party carries out a major social reform that the left dared not think about, it is difficult these days to take artificial political divisions seriously.
However, the argument that communism fell because it was poorly introduced is utterly thoughtless - no society will sacrifice itself under duress for the public good.
Freedom and motivation to improve one's own and family situation are the main source of prosperity in the West.

The annual agenda of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland ends today.
The leaders of many EU countries, Russia, China, India, Japan and many others took part.

Klaus Schwab has published a book with the title "COVID-19: The Great Change".

It's an in-depth study that suggests an easy way out of the world's financial collapse.
Bankrupt the world and start over.
This is what Lenin did after the revolution in Russia 100 years ago when he terminated all of the Tsar's treaties. All of the Tsar's creditors of Russia had to say goodbye to their debt recovery demands.
Are we going to repeat this story?


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

58 Prohibited demonstration

Vienna 2/1/2021

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All of my films, and not just mine, that were shot from September and mainly concern protests, can be viewed on BitTube.

A great freedom demonstration was supposed to take place in Vienna yesterday. The day before, on Friday, the organizers received an email that the demonstration had been banned by the Interior Minister. You had 90 minutes to appeal. The appeal has been drawn up.

Seventeen demonstrations were reported and only two of them were allowed. One against the dictatorship in Belarus and the other because of the release of Mr. Navalny, whom I consider a fraud. Not because I support everything Putin does, but because of his theory that he was poisoned against all common sense.
All demonstrations that contradicted the lines of the Austrian narcissistic government were simply banned.

Despite the ban, religious processions were organized for followers of all religions to promote world peace. Hence, in the videos - BitTube link to my three demo videos above - you can see the prayers.

The police blocked one of Vienna's main streets, the Ring, in two places in order to separate the gathered demonstrators from those who were ready to join.
In my opinion, more people came to this protest than two weeks ago. Back then it was 50,000 and yesterday ...

The Austrian police arrested several people, but behaved in such a way that the emotions did not escalate. In my video you can see the police gradually lifting the blockade to finally remove it after two hours.

I am convinced that the police are not on the side of the minister for internal repression here. This is shown in the film about the police officers who took off their helmets and went with the demonstrators . You can also see in this video (minute 3:20) how the police officers demonstrate.

Apparently the government ban tactic failed.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
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I don't argue, I discuss.

59 Vaccinated

Vienna 2/14/2021

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In this chapter, I'd like the topic of Where is Tiffany Dover? expand with new knowledge.

I read an article in the Texas Health Impact News about U.S. deaths after COVID19 vaccination.
Monarchists - as I call coronavirus supporters - view this article as part of yet another conspiracy theory.
By the way, did you notice how many "conspiracy theories" are no longer theory and have become our daily practice?
Yes, this newspaper is not part of the mainstream media that only preaches the "real truth". However, the article refers to the US CDC.


The statistics included Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations in USA.
Again it is said that there is no evidence that the cause of death was the vaccine. Right, there aren't any. And what is the evidence that someone who dies after a positive PCR test has died from the virus?

I'll show you another article, this time in Spanish.
I don't know Spanish, but what do we have translators for?
Tragedy in Spain: 761 elderly people died in nursing homes within a week, most of them after vaccination.


An elderly woman speaks through the glass to a relative at a nursing home in Barcelona on August 28, 2020.

For the curious, I present a list of complications and deaths collected in the world after these miraculous vaccinations.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

60 World government

Vienna 2/22/2021

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For those who do not believe in the existence of such a government with ambitions of global power, please visit that government's website.
You can see the film 75 Years of the United Nations on YouTube. I assure you that this film will not be censored like my films.

On Saturday I published a video on YouTube about the happening in Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna.
Half an hour later, my video was deleted from YouTube, like two other videos last year, with this statement:

Warning of violations of community guidelines

Your content has been removed for violating our Community Guidelines.
You cannot upload videos, post or broadcast live content for 1 week.

But let's get back to the subject of this chapter, world government.
The question is: who will rule the world?
I haven't found a straight answer, but I know what organizations this government is already working with. These are the United Nations, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and of course the WHO.
The UN video - link above - shows well-known global strategies for future economic, political and environmental plans.
It sounds like a symphony for a bright future thanks to the use of a plan and a great reset to start over and of course much better than before to create a "brave new world".

Has anyone asked us what we - I mean, the self-thinking inhabitants of the world - think about it?
Or do you think that the 18-year-old Swede financed her global environmental campaign herself?
Perhaps you think that the pillars with windmills greatly improve our environment and contribute to the satisfaction of energy needs?
Perhaps you believe that humanity can in some way affect carbon dioxide levels and change the temperature in the world?
Perhaps you believe that the same people who contributed most to the spread of hunger in the world are now going to show us how to tackle it?

There are many such questions, and the answer is one: in creating a new reality, the same methods of manipulation are used that contributed to this crisis.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

61 The third world war

Vienna 3/11/2021

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Before dealing with the topic of the Third World War, I would like to present a collection of documented deaths and vaccine complications mainly of elderly people. You can read the original article in German here.
For those unfamiliar with Gethe's language, I have translated the whole into English.

"This is the third world war without weapons".
This is how the management of one of the German nursing homes for the elderly described the current situation .
If you are afraid of losing your sense of security, you better not watch this movie. Your delusions may be threatened by cruel facts.
I did a lot of work to translate and create English subtitles for this movie. I did it because I believe that if you watch it, you will be one of the brave ones who are not afraid of facts, and there are really few such people.

Or maybe you are one of those people for whom the word empathy has no meaning?
Maybe you don't care that mainly elderly people die en masse after receiving the experimental vaccine?
Wait, they'll get to you sometime. You will not be forever young. Maybe you will be lucky and there will be someone brave who will stand up for you.

If, in a retirement home, every third inhabitant does not survive vaccination, then this pharmaceutical product can be safely classified as an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

62 Where is this virus?

Vienna 3/14/2021

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Has anyone really seen the corona virus?
This childlike question was asked six months ago. We have had about 7 billion virologists on earth for a year. I'm skipping little kids here.
And most of them know that the virus cannot be seen. Even under a normal microscope. What is this ridiculous question?
This isn't entirely pointless - virology can isolate something like the virus.
Hundreds of articles on the subject have appeared in the press and on television for a year.

If we take a closer look at the way virologists work, we conclude that they don't follow the rules imposed on them by the makers of microbiology.
None of the listed processes for isolating this virus fulfills all of Robert Koch's easy-to-understand and logical postulates.

And here was the problem. A group of people in Germany decided to donate a good amount of € 225,000 to the first person to correctly isolate the coronavirus or to present a scientifically documented virus isolation process.

A further 11,250 euros were added to this sum, which was financed by another group. This offer was published in November 2020.

It is interesting that no one has shown up for such easy-to-raise money in many months.
Or maybe some of the readers work in this industry and want to significantly improve their financial resources in a simple way?

In any case, if you read again in the press that scientists isolated the virus, I advise you to ponder the credibility of the information ...


Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue, I discuss.

63. I've created a new platform for you

Vienna 3/26/2021

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I have often been criticized for the fact that my website you are on is out of date, 90s style.
Criticism totally justified - I really created this site around the turn of the century.
My goal then was to present my own professional achievements.

When the pandemic broke out a year ago, I used an existing platform to write immediately about the spread of the fear pandemic and to be able to prevent it.

Yes, exactly to prevent it. By spreading hidden facts and putting the documented facts back in their proper context, I prevent a pandemic. The political and media pandemic.
I do this by enabling all readers to reach inconvenient facts and by encouraging them to seek the truth and, most importantly, to think for yourself.

The more of us - people who have escaped the limits of propaganda - the more difficult it becomes to introduce into the world a totalitarian system which until recently - in many countries of the world over 30 years ago - suppressed all signs of independent thought.

Although most of us are unaware of it, a global information war is raging in the world:
On the one hand, it repeats itself like a mantra, in the same way, spreading the same content in most countries of the world - official propaganda.
On the other hand, there are many small and medium-sized information dissemination centers that do not follow the line of this official narrative.

I'm not saying the former is just telling lies and the latter is just telling the truth. Such a black and white vision can never be real.
If I preached something like this, I would not be much different from the propagandists and disseminators of the health dictatorship.


A symbol of our time: freedom and its limitations.

This chapter is the last one I posted here.
Any new ones will only appear on the new platform.

You can find my new platform here:


Link to this platform:


I hope you will like it. See you on the new page.

Marek Wojcik