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Marek Wojcik - Coronavirus

What is this about?

Vienna 3/30/2020

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Everyone knows this picture with the virus!
It became a symbol of our time. For a few months now they have been showing the picture of our "enemy" in all newspapers and TV channels.

What is this creature that can panic billions of people for many months?

It is a chemical compound of protein. It is not a living being. It cannot eat, excrete or attack with a gun in hand. Because it has no hand. So it's not a soldier in an enemy army.
So what is it?
Scientists would answer that it is a simple relationship of several proteins - the basic building blocks of life that are based on protein. A series of C, G, A, T compounds arranged in a specific order. The structure resembles the DNA or the genetic code of the life forms known to us. DNA has a twisted ladder structure - two parallel sequences of protein sequences. The corona virus has a simpler structure. It consists of just one thread - half a ladder. Science calls this structure RNA.

So our enemy is a chemical substance? Yes - nothing else. Maybe it would be better to say that fear is our enemy? Media and organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) have been fueling our fear for several months.

Don't worry, I'm not going to invent conspiracy theories here. I am against the claims that a group of people want to take over the world.
I also don't know if it's true that the corona virus was made in military laboratories. This is also not the topic covered on this page.

But viruses are not soldiers that only cause war.
Look over here.
You get away from this destructive fear.

if you have no idea what something is about, then it is about the...

I intend to deal with more specific questions that came to my mind when I started thinking about the causes of the anxiety pandemic.

I know the official statistics on seasonal influenza. I rely on sources like the CDC - US Department of Health and the RKI - Robert Koch Institute in Germany. RKI was founded in 1891 and "is the oldest biomedical institute in the world" - quote from RKI in German.

According to the WHO, the number of deaths from seasonal flu in the world is estimated to be between 290,000 and 650,000 each year.
In the original wording:
"Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year."
This information comes from:

And what is the situation on the coronavirus front?
Anyone can check it out here:

Today (30.03.2020) there are 10 to 20 influenza deaths per coronavirus-related deceased.

The question arises: So why not close the borders, why not stop all manifestations of public life due to influenza?
The seasonal flu is the cause of death for many more people than the corona virus!

No one has yet answered this question properly, although in today's world it is a fundamental question.

It would be easy now to blame the pharmacological companies. This industry has been the target of attacks, rightly or wrongly.
After reading the book John Virapen - "Side Effect Death", I would like to join the chorus of opponents of the pharmaceutical industry. But I won't do it - because I have no evidence that a group of pharmaceutical concerns has caused this panic epidemic in the world. There are some clues, but this is not proof.

In my opinion, it is sufficient to point out this problem.
If someone wants to answer my question - I invite you - .
I am open to all theories that are ridiculous at first sight.
However, a logical justification is required. I may believe too much in logic, but I have to rely on something.

An attempt to answer my question was also made on health.com - the second link I have given above. Quote from this page:

So how do the flu and coronavirus compare? Just a few weeks ago, the flu appeared to be the more menacing concern. The death rate from influenza is generally just a fraction of 1%.
How things have changed.
During a March 11 hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee on coronavirus preparedness, Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, put it plainly:
"The seasonal flu that we deal with every year has a mortality of 0.1%,” he told the congressional panel, whereas coronavirus is "10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu," per STAT news.

So you are juggling with the least adequate mortality rate!

Since 20,127 samples had been taken in Poland by March 22nd and the current time (March 30th, 2020) showed the presence of viruses in 1,862 people, the ratio of patients to healthy people for these tests is 9.25%.
Quelle: How many corona virus tests have been performed? In Polish

Of course, the selection of the people tested influences this factor significantly.
People who had contact with the disease were tested ...
Nevertheless, I dare to estimate the number of infected people in Poland.
If we theoretically assume a hundredth of the coefficient I calculated and round to 0.1%, the result is that, according to the test of all citizens in Poland, 40,000 people should be infected with the virus.
While this is a purely hypothetical number, it is quite likely. In the numbers so estimated, the mortality rate mentioned above is 0.055% (to date there have been 22 coronavirus deaths).
At the moment, the mortality rate for both diseases is similar.
And so much about the only argument that justifies the introduction of such strict restrictions.

The global mortality rate can also be calculated.
Approximately 2 million tests were performed with 723.3389 positive results.
And here comes a surprise! The ratio of patients to healthy people is four times higher than in Poland (36.17%).
Have the people tested in Poland been selected incorrectly?
I don't think - rather it is done differently in other countries.
And then the tests themselves are only reliable to varying degrees.

Let us nevertheless count the theoretical number of infected people in the world. One hundredth of the factor is rounded to 0.36%.
That is over 27 million people. And again the mortality rate was similar to that of the flu: 0.125%.

You have probably suspected that these calculations cannot be taken seriously - even the fact that I accepted without reason that it would be good if I took a hundredth and not a thousandth of a factor, for example.
And here it turns out that I previously calculated this result and manipulated these numbers to get what I wanted.

This is how statistics are presented to us. This becomes particularly clear in medicine if the most senseless theses are to be justified.


Vienna 3/31/2020

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Another thing - why is there no information on how many of these deceased have been vaccinated against the flu?
One can only speculate here. This is because the information is kept secret for one reason or another.

Sounds like a conspiracy?
Hm. I wouldn't call it a conspiracy - it's just an area of industry that makes huge profits by misleading consumers.

If someone thinks that pharmacological companies are interested in improving human health, they are wrong. It is exactly the opposite. Most representatives of this branch want as many as possible - preferably chronically ill - people in the world.
We have washing machines for dirty laundry. As a washing machine manufacturer, how would you react to the clothing industry's plans to make clothes that never get dirty?
It is the same in pharmacology.
The main goal is to increase the market for drug recipients.

How do you get there? There are many ways to do this:

Companies are legally obliged to achieve the highest possible income. At least those who are on the stock exchange.
It is natural that all large and small companies strive to maximize their sales. There is nothing wrong with this unless it is done at the expense of human health.

Here is a quote from the book "Who Made Beef a Pig?" about an attempt to trigger a swine flu pandemic in 2009. Author Udo Pollmer:

... Such a pandemic leap was possible because the "significant number of cases and deaths" had previously been tacitly removed from the definition of this phenomenon. The group of experts who advised WHO on swine flu consisted - by chance - of representatives of the vaccine companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). They were supported by the British government advisor Sir Roy Anderson, who warned of a pandemic a few days after the swine flu outbreak - that fortunately "two effective vaccines" could protect us (Relenza and Pandemrix).....

...The WHO announced the outbreak of the pandemic on June 11, 2009 and its end on August 10, 2010. According to the organization, 18,400 people died of swine flu at that time. This number seems unbelievable simply because the quick virus detection test is not a reliable source of information. In Germany, 258 people were affected by this flu, most of whom had previously suffered from other diseases and had more chance contact with the virus. However, when such a patient died in the hospital, the reason for his death was suddenly given - hocus-pocus - not cancer, for example, but only flu. Thanks to this, the hospital also improved its cancer mortality statistics...

Sounds familiar?
The book just quoted was written in the first half of 2011.
And now the story repeats itself ...

Here I would like to recommend another book about the criminal practices of one of the many pharmaceutical companies. In John Virapen's previously mentioned book "Side Effect- Death" you can read about the dishonest methods Eli Lilly uses in Sweden. The author was head of the Eli Lilly office in that country for many years.

I am very interested - does any of you know a drug in a pharmacy that effectively treats the cause of the disease without causing new diseases? In my experience, pharmacies mainly contain drugs that fight the symptoms of the disease.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these question, please share them

I was surprised to hear about a drug on Polish radio, where it was said to be used for "symptomatic treatment".

It's like treating smallpox by removing one pimple at a time with the scalpel.
But there are smallpox vaccines!
No so...

I found interesting WHO statistics. Dated 9. March 2020. It lists a number of diseases, sorted by the daily mortality rate.

WHO statistic The Seasonal Flu, is only 8th, Coronavirus - COVID-19 17th.


Vienna 4/1/2020

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Let's go more or less a year into the future. So it's April 1st, 2021
The mortality statistics for 2020 have just been released.
And what do we see?
In the period from March 2020 "compared to the same period in the previous year", mortality due to diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, tuberculosis and cancer decreased.
This is because a coronavirus found in a person who has died from one of these diseases has been moved in the statistics to a group that is currently scaring us.
Was the coronavirus the cause of death? Nobody tried to prove it.

Back to the present.
The reliability of rapid tests is of course negligible.
Antibodies were found in the body.
What does that mean? These antibodies may have appeared in the body a week ago, or maybe two years ago.
The fact that the first coronavirus was discovered in humans at the end of last year does not mean that it was not there before.
Regardless of the virus, most of these people from statistics would have died anyway. This is evident from statistics from previous years.

Another quote:
...Of the 56.9 million deaths worldwide in 2016, more than half (54%) were due to the top 10 causes.
Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers, accounting for a combined 15.2 million deaths in 2016.
These diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last 15 years....


How many new deaths from this disease are currently being entered in the coronavirus mortality statistics?

What's next?

Vienna 4/1/2020

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My guess:

Somewhere in the world there are several series production plants in which the vaccine, which is unknown to anyone, is produced at full steam.
In half a year, most countries in the world will spend billions of dollars trying to buy world-saving funds and finally end this nightmare.

But what changes then?
Well, that for about the next 10 years, no one will threaten the whole world with killing creatures.
Nothing will change in the number of dying.

There will be "only" deaths - an estimated 400,000 worldwide caused by the side effects of the new "miracle" vaccine.

But whatever? We have finally defeated a terrible pandemic that has cost 43 thousand lives to this day!
Dead people who died as a result of their completely different illness.

Well, Forbes will have to change in the first places its list of the richest people in the world.

if you have no idea what something is about, then it is about the money.

We are dealing with well-planned and implemented criminal activities on a global level.

In your opinion, what does the WHO ask young people to be careful about, as there are deaths from the virus (and where is the evidence?), Including in children?
Is the detection of the presence of antibodies? It doesn't prove anything!
Child deaths have always occurred and are used today to deepen the already very strong fear.

There are a few countries that ignore this artificial panic. In these countries, it can later be shown that there was no epidemic apart from fear.
It is enough to show that the mortality rate in these countries has not increased this year.
No excuse from government officials such as "Thanks to our rigorous measures, we were able to prevent the worst."
They say that even if the actual death rate hardly differs from statistically estimated this year.

Why is there no explanation for such drastic measures?

Vienna 4/9/2020

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I am not surprised by the attitude of the governments of most countries in the world.
By definition, they have to show the public that they are in control of everything. For example, so that no one can accuse them of sitting idly while the world is overwhelmed by the "terrible virus".
The problem is that they accepted this threat without evidence. They listened to the experts.

I'm not saying that most experts are involved in the deliberate expansion of the fear pandemic.
I don't think anyone bribed them either.
This is not necessary at all, since everyone assumed without proof that the virus is the cause of death for people who died from other diseases and that antibodies of this "monster" have been detected.

All that was needed was a couple of hot reports from "scientific research on the victims of the virus".
You didn't even have to prove that the virus was attacking the lungs - you just had to write it that way.

I suspect that this harmless virus spread around the world a few years ago. There are no symptoms, so who would be interested in them beforehand?
Some were found. They had the idea of making a fortune out of fear that would unleash itself.

The world is already in recession. This excludes offenders from other industries.
Why do I suspect some pharmaceutical companies as perpetrators of this psychosis of fear?
There are mutliple reasons for this.

At this point, I would like to point out that I am convinced that there are drug manufacturers, although probably only a few, that do not use such morally questionable methods.

These are the reasons:


Who exactly is behind it?
I don't know This is a task for Interpol. She could take care of it, but apparently isn't interested.

World mortality statistics

Vienna 4/10/2020

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When millions of people are killed, the tragedy of individuals and their families is lost.
Death is an integral part of life. Anyone who is poor or rich, starving or living in luxury has to die. This is probably the only justice we all yearn for.

Important note!
The method of comparing the two estimates used here can have a large error. In particular, the data on the Worldmeter website, although reliable, can contain errors. The algorithms used there are unknown to me. Current data on the number of deaths are naturally estimated based on many factors. As a rule, the final population data are based on information from three or more years ago. This older data also has an error, but this error is within the error tolerance. Still, the sources I use are the most reliable so far.

These forecasts were made for the United Nations Population Division in 2017 and are still valid.

mortality statistic Quelle.

According to statistical forecasts, 60.20 million people will die this year. Well, the first quarter has 91 days, so 91/366 * 60,200,000 = 14.970.000. So many deaths according to statistics for the first quarter.

We already know the site https://www.worldometers.info/, it gives current death statistics. Among other things, the number of deaths this year in the world.
By March 31, 2020, 14,650,000 people had died worldwide. We got a difference of 320,000 fewer people who actually died.

Despite this "monstrous" pandemic, 320,000 fewer people die than predicted?
In my opinion, this is the result of panic in the world that made most people stay at home. Ethere are fewer traffic accidents, fewer work accidents, fewer murders and surprise: fewer suicides.

I will not draw any conclusions from this - it will impose itself.

Vienna 5/1/2020

Let's repeat the calculations with data from the same sources for the first four months of this year.
On April 30, 121 days have passed since the beginning of the year. So 121/366 * 60.200.000 = 19.900.00. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world during the first four months of this year.

According worldometers.info In the world, 19,489,700 people died from the beginning of the year to midnight from April 30 to May 1, 2020.

While the largest - rather the most blown - pandemic was holding people's breath, 410,000 fewer people died than the statistics predicted!
A month ago there were 320,000 people.

And again the conclusions are obvious.

Vienna 6/1/2020

The next month of the artificial pandemic has passed. We have had 152 days since the beginning of the year.
So 152/366 * 60,200,000 = 25,000,000. This is the estimated number of people who died in the world in the first five months of this year.

According worldometers.info this year 24,485,000 people worldwide died until midnight on May 31, 2020.

During this time, 515,000 fewer people died than predicted!
A month ago there were 410,000 people.


Vienna 4/19/2020

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There are still unresolved problems on this topic:

  1. What is the scientific evidence that COVID-19 is the cause of death attributed to it?
  2. Why have other diseases that have caused more victims than those attributed to the current pandemic not caused such drastic restrictions worldwide?
  3. Why has the WHO tacitly changed the definition of an epidemic by removing the condition on the number of cases and deaths?
  4. Why do all the WHO statements on COVID-19 only serve to increase fear and are they no help in combating this pandemic announced by the WHO?
  5. What sense does it make to show coffins with many corpses in Italy in the media?
  6. Why is there no public communication about the negative - even fatal - effects of vaccines?
  7. Why is only the opinion of "experts" published that "only a vaccine can save the world from a pandemic"?
  8. Why is the experience of doctors from Bergamo in Italy ignored?

I've sorted these questions by importance. This does not mean that the last question is irrelevant.

I am a supporter of pluralism in the media.
Questions 4, 5, 6 and 7 show their lack.
In my opinion, the display of coffins is primarily due to the desire to increase the number of spectators. However, the public presentation of opinions that support vaccination is an expression of the "unanimity" of the TASS agency's worthy propaganda.
TASS agency - official agency of the Soviet Union.

I asked the first two questions earlier in this article.
The third question arose from the quotation from the book "Who Made Beef a Pig?"

The last question is the result of an interview on Italian television with a doctor from a hospital in Bergamo, the "most contaminated" city in Italy.
The doctor is Stefano Manera. Interview in Italian.

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, please share them

The effects

Vienna 4/24/2020

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Today I want to write about the effects of this fear pandemic.
Let's start with the positive ones - they also appeared. Ecological effects are most important in this group.
Clean air: From India you can see the Himalayan peaks for the first time since the Second World War.
In the Venetian Grande Canal you can now see fish in clear water.
I remember very well when during one of my visits to this city St. Mark Square was built up to a height of about 30 cm flooded with water. One could enter the basilica over a pedestrian bridge. The ground could not be seen through the shallow water. The water was too dirty. And today you can see fish in the water!

I have found an interesting article Covid-19 and the MCO's effects on the environment.

Some economic operators perceive positive effects as manufacturers of drugs that increase immunity. Also manufacturers of masks, rubber gloves and disinfectants.
I don't know if it can be seen as a positive report on the increased demand for coffins in Austria. There were more and more orders from funeral parlors who feared that the competition would buy coffins and they would run out of coffins.

Normally I am optimistic, but it is not easy to keep a good attitude on this subject. Unfortunately, the negative effects of the global pandemic are appalling.
Health care, tourism, manufacturing industry, air transport - it is impossible to name all the victims. How many people in the world have lost their jobs? These are just the economic consequences of this global crisis.
As a result of the need to provide financial support to the economy, the debt of most countries in the world will increase. I assume that this will increase the interest rate on loans. The economic crisis will continue to be felt long after the pandemic has ended.

What about people who unfortunately are not infected with the virus? It sounds strange, but it is.
I myself needed help for the nurse of my sick wife here in Vienna a week ago. This nurse cut her finger in the kitchen. He bled a lot. We went to the hospital, which used to provide medical assistance after accidents - also on an outpatient basis.
The hospital was unreachable for new patients. He was reclassified as an infectious disease hospital.
Fortunately, after a long search we found a doctor who took care of this lady.

What about heart attacks or other serious cases where the ambulance could not arrive or was late?
The medical staff is very overworked due to the pandemic.

Let's get back to the positive aspects. It is clear that the peak of the pandemic crisis is behind us. Apparently the virus does not like warm weather.
This was already evident in China, where warming has reduced the number of new people with antibodies against this virus. In Europe, the USA and other countries of the world, the switches are slowly shifting towards the "thawing" of the economy.
It's high time. Probably the last restriction that will be lifted is the closing of state borders.
Let's hope that the pressure from countries that live from tourism will be strong enough to do so before the tourist season starts.

I want to make it clear that my position is not to persuade anyone to disregard the recommendations of the authorities. We must hold on to it, regardless of our own views.
Maybe I'm wrong in my judgment about pandemic. But so far I haven't found anything to contradict my suspicions.
The evidence I have presented is deductive in nature and would probably not be accepted as evidence in court.

In the next article in a week's time, I will deal with the published death statistics for the current year in Austria.

Fear - a political tool

Vienna 4/28/2020

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Austrian statistics will appear later this week as I announced.

A very interesting article appeared yesterday in the Austrian media. The minutes of the talks of the Austrian government showed:

ORF article in German
Here is my English translation.

I would like to draw your attention to the words of Herwig Kollaritsch - "specialist in tropical diseases" (i.e. vaccines):

"... that this is a potentially fatal disease and not ordinary flu."

What does that mean?
Government expert says coronavirus is deadly and common flu isn't?
In fact, the number of deaths from influenza has many times exceeded the number of those who had COVID-19 antibodies, among other diseases - and sometimes flu.
I will in no way increase the fear of the currently announced pandemic to add new fears of the flu. Many of us have had the flu - most of them every winter or summer.

In many cases, the result when re-testing for COVID-19 antibodies is opposite to the previous result.
The only argument for unjustified intimidation of humanity is so credible.

As the article shows, fear is the best way to force society to do what is expected. It is true - where there is fear, the ability to analyze and think logically disappears.

Mortality statistics in Austria

Vienna 5/1/2020

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I have received the latest statistics on the mortality of persons in Austria.
I have presented here the first 15 weeks each year in the period from 2016 to 2020.
Data for the last three weeks of 2020 are estimates. The statistics were published by the Statistical Office in Austria.
These numbers do not include the cause of death. They apply to all those who died during this period in Austria:

Mortality statistics in Austria Source in German. From this page you can download excel or pdf files with statistics.

Please note the first five weeks of 2017. 4,454 fatalities due to influenza were calculated in Austria in the 2016/2017 season. In the previous season of 2015/2016 there were 247 of them.
Source in German.
At the end of 2016, the following figures were presented in the document from the Statistical Office of Austria: week 51/2016 - 1.847, week 52/2016 - 2.160.
During the current pandemic of fear, the peak of mortality was reached in the 12th week, i.e. from March 16 to 22, and amounted to 1,827 people.

An interesting article appeared on the 9th of April in the Austrian media (ORF) Less heart attacks, but why? The article is in German.
Probably those who died of a heart attack and had coronavirus antibodies, did not spoil the collapse statistics.

About 8.9 million inhabitants live in Austria. It is about one in a thousand inhabitants of the world.
I also calculated global mortality statistics today. They are placed at the end of the chapter World mortality statistics.

It is possible that I am wrong, maybe this virus is really the cause of death? If anyone has access to research results on this topic, please

I looked for such information Lancet websites. Unfortunately without success.

Is it still democracy?

Vienna 5/6/2020

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I will introduce you to a well-known retired professor in scientific circles. His name is Sucharit Bhakdi. He comes from Thailand. He is a microbiologist and epidemiologist. A renowned doctor and researcher in Germany.
He was head of the Gutenberg Institute for Microbiology and Medical Hygiene in Mainz.
Why him?
Well, he wrote an open letter on March 26 with five questions to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The original letter in German can be read here.

And what happened after this letter appeared on youtube (in Geerman)?
This film has been seen almost 2.5 million times!
Maybe he was invited to discussions by politicians or at least by television? Unfortunately not, but he was offered a 5 minute interview on German television. He declined because a statement on such an important matter could not be given within five minutes.
There were many articles that criticized him, not his views. None of these journalists mentioned the content of his open letter. It was not in line with the "only correct" line propagated by world politicians.
Your main argument:
COVID-19 is dangerous - because we say it! Her "experts" are also fully convinced of this.

Politicians have played a significant role in creating the wrong image of a pandemic in the world..
source in German

The fact that politicians from several countries used almost identical, wrong methods of publicly disclosing information about the "expanding" pandemic shows that they were based on similar premises.

It is therefore not surprising that the "pandemic" is going so well in democratic countries.

For the sake of clarity, I think democracy is by far the best way to govern the state. I actively fought for democracy in Poland during the time of martial law.

However, a couple of interviews with Professor Bhakdi were conducted. Not on public television, but still. I recommend Interview with Profesor Bhakdi. in German.

What about Europe's last dictatorship?

Vienna 9.5.2020

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WHO recommendations are ignored during an anxiety pandemic in a European country.
Today, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, the only army parade in Minsk took place in the world.
Football games take place in stadiums as usual. Fewer fans come, but they come anyway. The dictator has prohibited panic and what are the results?
About 10 million people live in Belarus. These are the death statistics for the four countries Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine:

Statystyka Belarus
Numbers of deaths in these four countries from March 1 to April 11

Source in German

Our old friend Worldometer for Belarus.
For comparison Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

What do you say?
Sure, the dictatorship is definitely the data is false. Possible, but what about data from other, democratic countries? Read the previous chapter. There, as always with sources, I described exactly the mechanisms for manipulating the death statistics in relation to the coronavirus in England and the USA.
Of course, I don't support dictatorship and that's not the point here. In one case, however, President Lukashenko is right - the pandemic was caused artificially and has little to do with the virus.

WHO and the government threaten in their communiqués against the so-called second pandemic wave. "Don't give up your efforts," "sit at home," "wear a mask," and keep your distance from your neighbor.

What does the man say who, based on his knowledge and many years of experience in epidemiology, is most likely to talk about this topic? Professor Dr. Bhakdi, mentioned in the previous chapter, claims that there is no second wave in epidemics. This happened once in the history of mankind, a hundred years ago, during the flu, which was wrongly called Spanish. At the end of the First World War, widespread hunger and poor hygiene conditions led to another outbreak of the flu epidemic some time later.
Today it is impossible, we live in different conditions.

Another statement by Professor Bhakdi is worth quoting. He trained several thousand doctors and said if one of the candidates in the epidemiological review described the situation of the current pandemic and explained that only the vaccine would save mankind - this would fail due to a lack of knowledge ...

Further proof that if the world alone did not lead to the ruin of people and the economy through an imaginary pandemic and restrictions on democratic rights, everything would be as before.
Perhaps it was not a good thing before the epidemic - that can be discussed - but the cost of such learning is unimaginably high.


Vienna 5/14/2020

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Today's topic is about the media.
5/8/2020 UK scientists condemn 'Stalinist' attempt to censor Covid-19 advice.
29.04.2020 Facebook doubles down on COVID-19 censorship

And what are the conclusions?
All experts who do not support the government's views must keep their opinion of the pandemic to themselves.

A good video on YouTube on this topic: COVID-19, CENSORSHIP, & TRACE As long as it's still there.

Many videos have recently been blocked on YouTube.

YouTube applies similar methods to other critically-oriented comments. For example in the case of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement). VMany German MMS films have been removed because they threaten the interests of the pharmacological lobby.

The topic of MMS is broad and I intend to dedicate it to my own website in the future.

Today I am writing about censorship in the topic COVID-19.
As usual, I would like to mention the methods by which free thinking is gagged.

Just wait for the Ministries of Truth to appear in what they call democratic countries.
Or maybe already, but not yet officially?

It takes about 10 seconds after I publish this chapter on Facebook and an automatic program has started to scan my website.
There was a similar reaction after every comment on YouTube, where I posted the link.

So I avoid using the name of the owner of Microsoft, or the wife of the former President of the United States, who preferred Ms. Monika.

"The Big Brother is watching you" ...

From book Georg Orwell "1984".

Where from so much sacrifice in Italy?

Vienna 5/18/2020

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An Italian art historian, MP Vittorio Sgarbi, gave a speech to the Italian Parliament on Friday, April 24.
April 25 is the end day for Italians of World War II.
Appearance naturally in Italian. The content of the speech was translated into German on the film.
This translation, in turn, I translated into English. For those who do not know these languages:

"Tomorrow is April 25 and we should unite against dictatorship and for the truth. Parliament cannot be an auditorium for lies.
On March 9, science announced that the virus is nothing more than flu. Science inspired the government. So don't lie and tell the truth! Don't make this Parliament an auditorium of lies! At least here, the principle of verum ipsum factum applies
(Giambattista Vico 1668-1744: we can only understand what we can do).
Scare? Well, I can scare you too. You are talking about 25,000 dead! That's not true! Do not use these dead for your rhetoric, for your "terrorism"!
Data from the Ministry of Health say that 96% of these people are killed by other diseases. This data shows it!
- he pointed at the board. This is the truth, this is the whole truth!
I have read all the information from the Ministry of Health. They died of other diseases. This was said by the Ministry of Health. If you do not know this, then study it and while all of Italy was recognized as a restricted zone, everyone here in Parliament is sitting without masks.
You are funny. You all didn't wear masks the day before yesterday. So it is. After 4 May, life will start functioning in Germany again. We are a country with fewer rights in Europe. Germany reacted correctly.
I read: 56% in Lombardy, 14% in Emilia-Romagna, 8% in Piedmont and 5% in Veneto. The same rules must not be used for so contaminated areas. At least real information is given here.
If we face Germany, let's act together and get rid of hypocrisy and lies, falsifications and incorrect numbers published to terrorize Italians.
Of these, 25,000 died of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases! Let's not use them to keep lying to citizens. These numbers must be announced before they can be checked.

25,000 people did not die in Italy because of the Crown. It is a lie to terrorize Italians - it is a dictatorship of consensus. It's ridiculous".

This is currently the case in many other countries around the world. It would be easier to list countries where this is not the case: Sweden, South Korea and Belarus, as previously described.

Let's go back to Italy. The cause of the health system collapse was panic. Without the horror scenes spread by the media, most of these people would simply stay at home.
According Wikipedia in German 4,500 to 7,000 people die from hospital infections in Italy every year.

Imagine a situation in Bergamo where thousands of people suddenly want to see the hospital as the only rescue from a crown-like monster at all costs. Everyone saw on TV what a dangerous enemy it is!
Doctors need to decide who to get and who to send home? Everything has been done to increase the number of beds. But 5% of patients with newly defined disease, COVID-19, need a respirator.
There are no tips for treating such patients. Doctors also watch TV. They are convinced that it is in their hands that they have the last hope before the destruction of humanity. You are trying. So they try to use drugs that help in similar cases, Ebola, malaria, etc. I don't blame the doctors here - they were left alone on the battlefield. Something has to be done.
Most patients are obviously older people. How many of these people will survive with their drug trials? Even if used with great caution, older people die faster than younger patients after violating a certain balance in the body.
If these people didn't panic and stayed at home, they would probably live now.

How much has the WHO contributed to this? Just read their news on the subject. You will not find any useful information there. It was the WHO that announced a pandemic based on the definition it changed a few years ago.
If there was a person with a runny nose in every country, there would be reason to explain a runny nose pandemic! But what can you earn from a cold? And who would be afraid of him?
And fear is the key here.

I am not for a black and white picture of the world. In my opinion, keeping this metaphor, the world is made up of a multitude of shades and is therefore so colorful. This also applies to the WHO organization in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations. Your "creative" role in triggering world panic is clear.
There is also the other side of the coin. Sure, smokers will not agree with me and that is understandable, but I think the WHO deserves praise for introducing a ban on smoking in public places in most countries in the world.
The abolition of smallpox is also due to this organization. I am not for vaccines, but that does not mean that I completely negate this type of disease control. I am a strong opponent of vaccinating newborns. The uterine cancer vaccine, which is also used in boys, is a clear abuse to achieve financial benefits.

Northern Italy has the largest air pollution in all of Europe. An increase in deaths due to respiratory diseases was already observed in the previous year.

Let us summarize this chapter: The cause of more deaths in Italy and probably in Spain or England was artificially caused panic.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts my views?
Please write to me:
I don't argue - I discuss.

Why am I not afraid of the virus?

Vienna 5/23/2020

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Don't worry, I'm not going to pull out old bullets like "more people are dying of flu," "there's no evidence that this virus is harmful".

These would be arguments that work on the logical left side of the brain. You calm down, but rather briefly. In a moment there are doubts - what if the horror TV scenes are true?
What if I'm just wrong? Making mistakes is even inscribed in human history.

There is one person, my mentor, who is not completely unknown. I owe him my greatest success in about 20 last years. I have never met him personally, I have never been to one of his seminars and they were also organized in Vienna.
My mentor is Brian Tracy through books - mostly audio books.
His first book, which I came across in 1999, "Personal Leadership" in German, was heard by me more than twenty times.
Yes, I was not wrong - I heard this book most often when I traveled to Poland and back by car.

And what have I learned from these books? A skeptic would ask that. My answer could even offend him: read it yourself! And follow the advice!
But that's really the best answer I can give him.

Still, I'll try to show you what I've learned from these books.

First of all, a positive attitude towards life. Pessimists will show up here, but let's ignore them - let them torment themselves and their surroundings.
This is their way of life. Why is this way so bad? At least because the pessimists experience a mistake that will occur twice. Once in stress that they cook for themselves and then in a reality that they have not avoided. And it's not true that they were prepared for it. They weren't at all. However, as Brian Tracy says, 80% of her predictions are not being met and the associated stress is still there.

Well, but that doesn't explain why I'm not afraid of a pandemic. That's right, because optimism is one of the many options that the author recommends. The advice that takes away my fear was much easier, at least for me.
I met this advice several times during a fear pandemic in the form of a joke:


Perhaps it is better not to take literally, because then the first real victim of the corona virus can appear - an accidental passer-by.

I have taken this advice to heart. I haven't really watched TV in twenty years.
And what has changed? A lot of!
First of all, I gained a lot of time that I had previously spent watching TV. In the past there has never been a day when I haven't seen the main edition of the news.
It is much more important, however, that I am not exposed to political manipulation.
There are, of course, some drawbacks. For example, six months later, I received information that two countries, Romania and Bulgaria, had joined the European Union. This is a tragedy now!
Please do not misunderstand me. These countries are certainly not unimportant. Only the information alone about whether I can do it or not is irrelevant here.
Now I need to find out, but I can choose a source that has no biased comments. It cannot be avoided, but it can be reduced considerably.

Imagine this photo with the coffins of the coronavirus victims in Italy:

I received this photo with the message that this is a fake news. Yes, the photography comes from Italy, but was made 2013 after a shipwreck with refugees.

I haven't seen a pandemic TV show either. I saved myself a lot. And yet you won't say I'm not informed, will you?

I also read the mainstream media on the Internet carefully. Interesting facts are also described there. And citing such sources makes them think more, but shows that I'm open to all reasonably logical views. I usually avoid comments. Even in a situation where I don't know what to think about it?

Whether you continue to watch TV or not - it's just your decision. I have nothing to do with it. I showed them my way. It turned out very well for me. What I would like to recommend are Brian Tracy's books.
But ... reading alone is just an introduction. You have to digest the meaning and implement it after adoption. It will be like the smoker who said: "There is nothing easier than quitting smoking, I do it every day!"

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here? Or are you just scared?
Please write to me:
I don't argue - I discuss.

May you live in interesting times!

Vienna 5/31/2020

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This Chinese curse has become our reality.
Did Feng Menglong predict our pandemic back in the 17th century?
He didn't have to - it's just a philosophical metaphor of people's common tendency towards a stable, orderly life.

As you can see, interesting times take away so hard built little stabilization.
We all have a legitimate desire to live in a safe and organized society.
The only question is, is it even possible? Nobody can guarantee that we will return home safely from work in the evening. I don't want to trigger another pandemic of fear here - but these are the rules of our lives. There is no guarantee of job, health, love or just happiness.

It is not right to make fun of someone's death. However, I would like to show how the statistics of the dead corona viruses are generated.
An ambulance doctor should issue a death certificate to a person who was previously known to have a coronavirus.
Undecided, he calls his manager and asks him for advice.
"Write that he died of COVID-19!"
"But the dead man has a knife in his heart!"
"You say knife, write it down as an accompanying illness."

Today I'm going to look at the activities of the second person on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. I don't mention his name - he's still widely known. He was a co-founder of Microsoft.
I found a film for you on the impact of a private person on WHO.
Ten years ago, this billionaire admitted to the Ted Talk program that the new vaccine „can reduce the population”.
The foundation has been fighting for many years to reduce the overcrowding of the earth.
Maliciously saying that you should start managing such foundations.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated in India and several African countries, causing infertility in many. The vaccine recipients were apparently not informed of these additional side effects.

Another quote: ...Vaccines should not be distributed until governments agree to assume full responsibility for future claims in the event of adverse effects.

Isn't it a perfect business model?
The foundation's product is to be bought with taxpayers' money, vaccinations must be mandatory. If there are complications, the manufacturer is not responsible, but the customer - the taxpayer.
It is estimated that around 10% of those vaccinated will experience side effects.According to the foundation's goal of vaccinating over 7 billion people, there will be "only" 700 million unpleasant cases. But the others who are forced to be vaccinated will be happy.
The same foundation and exactly one of those dependent companies in the UK dealing with infectious diseases in animals became the owner of the coronavirus patent five years ago.


That’s it...

Tomorrow, June 1st, I'll be in the chapter World mortality statistics, add a new comparison of statistically predicted deaths in the world with actual deaths.

Don't you agree with me? Do you have information that contradicts what I'm writing here?
Please write to me:
I don't argue - I discuss.

Marek Wojcik